Mikey & The Drags

Mikey & The Drags are a four-piece garage rock group hailing from Houston, Texas.

Formed in late 2011 by Mike Ponce (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Lee (drums). Ponce and Lee later added Christopher Oddo (bass/vocals) and Austin Lloyd Sepulvado (organ/vocals) to the mix.

With a complete group, the Drags have taken their inspiration from 60′s garage acts such as The Troggs and The Sonics, adding their own style with clever pop sensibilities and hooks catchy enough to reel in a fish.

The Drags play like they stepped out of a time-warp straight from the í60s, and have no clue where they are and clearly donít care! As long as they can set their amps on fire and show the crowd a good time, nothing else matters!

The Drags have spent the last year and a half with dedication, constant enthralling live performances and self-releasing a 45.

For Mikey & the Drags, things can only get better from here.

3:00AM Cactus
Houston, TX