Nightmares on Wax DJ set

Nightmares on Wax DJ set at Twist and Shout on June 28th at 7pm

Join us for the Nightmares on Wax DJ set at Twist and Shout on June 28th at 7pm. DJ E.A.S.E. aka George Evelyn will be performing a DJ set, and then meeting with fans. We will have posters to give away to attendees who buy the new album. N.O.W IS THE TIME is out on 6/17 on CD or LP box set. N.O.W IS THE TIME celebrates 25 years of Nightmares On Wax on Warp Records. The LP box set is a beautifully packaged 2xLP + 2xCD plus a large book of stories, images, early show flyers and more, as well as all new remixes.

Nigtmares on Wax have been described as Electronica, hip hop, acid house, trip hop, and downtempo with a variety of soul music. In George’s words "Today's music is inspired by whatever has gone on before. That's what fascinates me. Soul music is the earliest form of hip hop. That's why I want to create it. It might seem like recreating what was done in the past, but what I want to do is merge soul and hip hop together. That's why I'll bring in the live aspect of what happened back then into current hip hop trends. That's the angle I'm arriving at."

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Nightmares On Wax
7:00PM Twist & Shout
Denver, CO