Record Store Day 2017 (price list included!)

We do Record Store Day right! Do you wait in line for hours and hours well into the afternoon? We have 7 to 8 cashiers on in the morning so those who are standing in line before we open promptly at 8AM are in and out quickly! The first 10 people in line will be asked what is their number one must-have item, and they WILL get it, provided we have it available. (We appreciate and feel for those of you standing outside so long before opening!)

All RSD merch is nicely displayed on racks down the middle of our "side B" room. We alphabetize it by artist's first name (as our computer inventory program does) and each item is clearly labeled with pricing no higher than the suggested retail price (which typically makes us the lowest price in the area.) So everything is easy to find and you know just where to look for it! (We'd hate to think someone waited on line for hours, got in the door early, and then missed out on their favorite record because they turned left instead of right!) You will know exactly where to find everything.

We are well-stocked!! On the more obvious "big name" titles, we order 25 to 50 pieces (sometimes more.) On titles we think might be "average," we'll order about 10 to 15 pieces. On odd pieces or odd genres (like World Music) that typically don't move for us year round or even on RSD, we might order only one or two pieces to minimize our losses after RSD. The same goes for 7" singles.

We can't take pre-orders per RSD rules, BUT: you CAN influence what we buy to stock the shelves, and we count on your input (because we don't know everything or every band!) When the RSD list is made public, we post it on our facebook page, and we welcome and encourage your input to tell us what are your favorite releases. We actively record those requests and adjust our orders accordingly (to the extent we still can.) This has often proved vital in ordering to meet the needs of our clientele.

This year, for the first time, we are linking to a simple google sheet that can be updated in real time if there are any changes. This will show our complete price & quantity list. Here it is:

We appreciate ya, and we want you to have the best experience - low prices, great selection, and a short wait. We also offer special "doorbuster deals" on select non-RSD titles and on used merch. There is no attitude in this store! We are here to deliver the music you love.

8:00AM We Got The Beats Record Store
Fort Lauderdale, FL