Fans of Jaco Pastorius are going to have a lot to celebrate in 2014, and folks who don’t yet know about the jazz bass legend are in for a musically rich education.  

JACO  IS THE OFFICIAL FILM OF RECORD STORE DAY 2014 Jaco is a documentary film about Pastorius in the works right now, produced by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and directed by Stephen Kijak and Paul Marchand. Trujillo is pretty excited about the connection between his upcoming film and Record Store Day: “Record Store Day is a celebration of our youth, and beyond. It's the power of memories fueled by this magic (usually) black vinyl disc. There's a reason why Record Store Day is making people Head Bang, Rock Out, Relax, and simply Smile. It's all about the joy and power of words, music and sound, not to mention the dynamic range of visual art that goes hand in hand with a record cover, jacket, or sleeve; and you might even get a poster. (Trust me, I still have most of my original vinyl).” 

He was right about the poster—the image above will become the OFFICIAL RECORD STORE DAY POSTER OF 2014, and will be given away as part of the celebration at select stores, while supplies last.)

In addition, Omnivore Recordings will be releasing MODERN AMERICAN MUSIC... PERIOD!, this Record Store Day on both CD and vinyl. This piece revisits the 1974 after-hours studio sessions at Criteria Studios when a 22-year-old Pastorius and his friends experimented and jammed. Some of those songs ended up on Pastorius’ debut, but others see their release for the first time ever on this special Omnivore Recordings RSD 2014 piece. (Check out some of this and other things Omnivore Recordings has planned for Record Store Day in the charming little video piece below.)


Record Store Day is proud to play a part in what’s shaping up to be A Year of Jaco Pastorius, just as record stores themselves played a part in his life, something he passed on to his biggest, most important fans: his kids. “Then I have the memories of being at Peaches (which was THE record store in S. Fla) with him for the Jaco Pastorius (the first solo album) record release party. They had a "walk of fame" there and we put our handprints in cement, Hollywood style. They also put a huge painting of that album with that iconic picture of him, up on the outside of the building, where it stayed for many years- which I drove by many times, and was greeted by the many times when I would go in to buy records myself.”  --Mary Pastorius