The start of the holiday shopping season is coming, and there's no better place to get things for the people you like, love or are obligated to buy things for than a record store. Below is our list of exclusive titles that you can only find at participating record stores, starting BlackFriday.

The pieces on this list are from many different artists, in many different genres, and intended for many different listeners. We really hope there's at least one 'something' for everyone. And we hope you find yourself in a record store this season, surrounded by all kinds of things that are just perfect for the people on your gift list. And for you.

You can use the list in two ways.

*Download the PDF and use it as a wishlist (place it strategically in front of those who will be gifting you) or as a shopping list (check off the things that you know the folks you're gifting for will dig).

*Scroll through the list on the site, get more information about each piece and see the artwork.

Some things to remember:
Record Store Day and Black Friday are different things. Here's an FAQ on some of the ways they are different.

Not all stores will carry all the titles. We don't expect them to. It's always a good idea to follow your local stores on social media, or give them a call to figure out their plans.

These titles are limited in nature for a lot of reasons. That means stores won't always get everything they want or order. Which means you may not always get every title you want. But we're all grownups here--for the most part--and can handle it as such, right?