BLACK FRIDAY 2017 > Tommy Bolin - Energy

Tommy Bolin



Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2017
Release Date: 11/24/2017
Format: LP
Label: Friday Music
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


Guitar legend Tommy Bolin played his unique style of rock, jazz, raga, blues and heavy metal in such bands as Zephyr, James Gang and Deep Purple. His short lived band Energy, despite a few LPs worth of studio recordings on the shelf, never saw a legitimate release until now. Energy's early sessions brought on soome great music, like the hard rockin' "Red Skies," featuring Jeff Cook on vocals and a powerful Tommy Bolin guitar throughout. Fusion works like "Heartlight" and "Hoka Hey", along with the classic rocker "Got No Time For Trouble" have all been deep fan favorites for years and this Friday Music Black Friday special release rounds things out with the epic "Naked Edge", truly showing what the Energy album always shoud have been. Released for the first time on 180g Audiophile Translucent Red Vinyl and only in record stores starting Black Friday.

1. Red Skies 2. Heartlight 3. Hok-O-Hey 4. Got No Time For Trouble 5. Limits 6. Eyes of Blue 7. Dreamer  8. Miss Christmas 9. Naked Edge 10. Sky Sail