Inside In

Format: Vinyl
Label: Jemp Records
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

Mike Gordon, bassist and founding member of the seminal rock band Phish, released his highly-anticipated solo debut "Inside In" in 2002. Nine years later we're pleased to release the album on vinyl for the first time as a 2 LP deluxe along with three previous UNRELEASED bonus tracks. Musicians include Bela Fleck, Phish's Jon Fishman, Col Bruce Hampton.
Minkinetics 3:15
Trinnars March 3:00
Admoop 1:56
Outside Out 3:24
The Beltless Buckler 3:22
Soulfood Man 3:29
The Teacher 3:32
Take Me Out 3:04
Bone Delay 4:20
Be Your Tape 3:00
Couch Lady 1:24
Major Minor 1:20
The Lesson 3:01
Exit Wound 3:23
Steel Bones 5:56
Take Me Out II 2:24
Take me Outro 2:10
Gatekeeper 3:22



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