Various Artists

Mute Vorwärts

Format: Vinyl
Label: Mute
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

A collection of unreleased, rare, new tracks from 9 mute artists including can, liars, mick harvey, junip, moby, polly scattergood, big deal, S.C.U.M. LP + CD.
Tracks: side a
1: junip - in every direction (white sea remix)
2: big deal - locked up
3: josh t. pearson - singer to the crowd
4: liars - greyscale
side b
1: can - millionspiel (edit)
2: s.c.u.m - summon the sound
3: moby - be the one
4: mick harvey - the ballad of jay givens
5: polly scattergood - silver lining



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