Various Artists

No One Got Hurt

Format: CD
Label: Bloodshot
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

On September 12th, 2009, one of those improbably nice late summer days Chicagoans hold onto as a comfort memory during the lengthy winter bleakness, the Hideout Block Party hosted Bloodshot Records' 15th Anniversary celebration. We soaked in the day with loads of old friends, allies, associates and fans from at least 28 states and 4 countries. No tents or port-a-johns caught fire or tipped over, no belt sanders flew into the gathered throngs; there were no lost children, knife fights, fist fights, food fights, thunderstorms, snowstorms, shitstorms or beer shortages (despite your best efforts); the stage didn't collapse, the sound system didn't rebel, the bands all showed up and hit the stage at more or less the right times and played the way we love.
The Hideout has been like our clubhouse over the years, and that day we had over 4000 members.
And no one got hurt.
SALLY TIMMS & JON LANGFORD: "Sad Milkman”, "Pill Sailor"
THE BLACKS: "Theresa Leaves Lonesome Town”, "Horrorshow “
BOBBY BARE JR: "Monk At The Disco", "Valentine"
MOONSHINE WILLY: "Turn the Lights Down Low"
THE SCOTLAND YARD GOSPEL CHOIR: "Aspidistra”, "Tear Down The Opera House"
SCOTT H. BIRAM: "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue", "Truck Driver"
DEADSTRING BROTHERS: "If You Want Me To", "Smile"
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO: "Castanets", "I Was Drunk"
WACO BROTHERS: "Red Brick Wall", "See Willy Fly By"
RICO BELL w/ the Waco Brothers: "Merseysong"



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