Various Artists

Sacred Bones Presents: Todo Muere Vol. 1

Format: Vinyl
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:

Todo Muere is no ordinary comp as five out of the eight songs are unreleased rarities including b-sides, alternate takes and one demo from not only current but future roster artists. The first song by Moon Duo is an unreleased bonus track from the Mazes sessions, not featured on SBR-050. Number two, the TRUST track is a yet unreleased epic dark dance affair. Cult of Youth’s, “Eihwaz” was recorded during the Chris Coady S/T sessions and did not appear on the album solely due to lack of space on the vinyl, otherwise it would’ve been the single. Side B features an unreleased demo version of a song by Jesse Lortz (The Dutchess and the Duke), for his new Case Studies project due out early summer. Interspersed we have a couple slept on hits and highlights from the recently released EP’s by Pop.1280 (SBR-41), Gary War (SBR-042) and Amen Dunes (SBR-035). The closer is a once-in-lifetime acoustic track by Zola Jesus whose original version appeared on SBR-032, Stridulum. This version was recorded during a Part Time Punks radio session on KXLU. LIMITED TO 900 COPIES.
1. Moon Duo "Flowers" 7:48
2. Gary War "On Its Head" 4:56
3. Trust "Not a Waste of Sky" 4:53
4. Pop. 1280 "Step Into the Grid" 3:36
5. Cult of Youth "Eihwaz" 2:00
6. Amen Dunes: "Murder Dull Mind" 2:30
7. Case Studies "The Eagle or the Serpent" 4:20
8. Zola Jesus "Run Me Out” 3:24



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