Age of Denial

Format: Vinyl
Label: Minty Fresh
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:

includes a coupon for a digital download with bonus tracks. "Blissed out dream pop" US debut from UK "nu-gaze" kings evoking the early 90s shoegaze sounds of Ride and Spacemen 3. The Track "SOS" has been featured in the TV show "True Blood." Produced by Pat Collier (Primal Scream, XTC, House of Love). "Assimilating US sun-drenched harmony pop while espousing shoegazey noise from (the U.K.)" - NME. "This will make grown shoegazers weep their plimsols into a puddly mess." Maxim
1. Age of Denial
2. With You: 3. A Little High
4. Falling Down
5. SOS
6. Innocence
7. Red Horizon
8. Can't See the Light
9. Sleep Heavy Tonight
10. Sennen's Day Out
11. Broken Promise
12. Out Of Our Depth



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