Presents: Don't Mind Control

Format: Vinyl
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co.
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:
Limited edition of 500 on blue 180-gram vinyl. †Includes bonus 24-song download of the soundboard bootlegged Donít Mind Control Variety Show featuring the reintroduction of Capín Jazz.
Tracks: 1.Uwar 2.Guider 3.Privacy 4.The Doug McComb Over 5.No More No Where 6.Kickstart 7.Friend in Common 8.Spit in Layers 9.Long Looks 10.Blanes echo Blirds, Bless echo Blouds 11.Oh Solo 12.Roots Dug into Dunes = Landslide 13.Second Door From the Left 14.Flicker 15.Friday the 13th Part 2 16.Oakey 17.Gameshow Buzzer 18.Drivin' me Crazy