Various Artists

The Rough Guide To African Guitar Legends

Format: Vinyl
Label: World Music Network
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:

This is an LP versions of a 3/15 CD release. The enclosed download card allows the consumer to download the full LP, but it also offers a full download of a full-length album titled Immortal Franco by the masterful Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo.

Side A Track 1 | Djelimady Tounkara: Fanta Bourama;

Side A Track 2 | Oliver Mtukudzi: Andinzw;

Side A Track 3 | Ali Farka Touré: Penda Yoro;

Side B Track 1 | Jean Bosco Mwenda: Pole Pole Ya Kuina;

Side B Track 2 | Franco & Ok Jazz: On Entre OK, On Sort KO;

Side B Track 4 | Eric Agyeman: Nea Abe Beto



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