Various Artists

Follow Me Down: Vanguard's Lost Psychedelic Era (1966 - 1970)

Format: Vinyl
Label: Vanguard
Release type: RSD Exclusive Early Release
More Info:
Indie exclusive until 6/7. This compilation marks the first time the Vanguard label has gone through its archives to hand-select tracks from their best “lost” records and 45’s. Many of the bands featured here only released one record, or a smattering of singles, before drifting into obscurity, though many of the artists went on to greater fame after their stint at Vanguard was done. And while they are stylistically varied, there lies a common thread of musical proficiency and integrity that represents the trademark of quality Vanguard strived to uphold…no matter how bombastic, fuzz-soaked or outer-worldly the music may have seemed.
LP 1
Side A
1. The Third Power: Getting Together
2. Erik: You Said/But I’ve Got My Way
3. Listening: Stoned Is
4. The 31st of February: A Nickel’s Worth of Benny’s Help

Side B
1. Elizabeth: You Should Be More Careful
2. Jeff Monn: I Can Understand Your Problem
3. Listening: See You Again
4. Circus Maximus: Travelin’ Around
5. The Frost: Take My Hand

LP 2
Side C
1. Notes From The Underground: Where I’m At
2. The Vagrants: I Can’t Make a Friend
3. Serpent Power: The Endless Tunnel
4. The Family of Apostolic: Saigon Girls

Side D
1. The Third Power: Persecution
2. Notes From The Underground: Why Did You Put Me On
3. The Hi-Five: Did You Have To Rub It In?
4. The Far Cry: Hellhound
5. The Frost: Big Time Spender