Gravity The Seducer Remixed

Format: LP
Label: Nettwerk
Release type: 'RSD First' Release
More Info:

Ladytron earned a decade's worth of acclaim by relentlessly pushing boundaries, carving out new sonic and conceptual space and refusing to abide by any formula or trend. Following in the pattern of releasing remix albums corresponding to all Ladytron studio albums, Gravity The Seducer Remixed is comprised of new takes on each of the album tracks by remixers such as Punks Jump uP, Gosteffects and Reset! This super limited edition Black Friday release features blue vinyl and a Download Card.


1.White Elephant (Strange Fruit Remix)

2.Mirage (Mixhell Remix)

3.White Gold (Tarsius Remix)

4.Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)

5.Ritual (Reset! Remix)

6. Moon Palace (ARIISK Remix)


1.Altitude Blues (Outfit Remix)

2.Ambulances (Gosteffects Remix)

3.Melting Ice (The Chaotic Good Remix)

4.Transparent Days (SONOIO Remix)

5.90 Degrees (Somekong Remix)

6.Aces High (Ladytron Remix)



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