Various Artists

Live From High Fidelity Podcast: The Best of the Podcast Performances

Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Omnivore Recordings
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:

The first ever physical release of musical segments from the popular podcast Live From High Fidelity, which finds vinyl obsessives Tom DeSavia and Eric Gorfain talking about recent finds and wish lists. The translucent green vinyl features some of the best of the musical guests who have been recorded Live From High Fidelity.

SIDE ONE: "Wonderful To Be In A Record Store"--Van Dyke Parks, "See America"--Grant-Lee Phillips, "Broken Circle"--Rhett Miller, "Thirteen"--Jon Auer, "Kinks Shirt"--Matt Nathanson, "One Kind Favor"--Paul F. Tompkins, "Side A & Side B"--Van Dyke Parks SIDE TWO: "Way Ahead of the Curve"--Van Dyke Parks, "Untitled #1"--Josh Hayden and Matt Mayhall of Spain, "Six Feet Under"--Jon Auer, "Question"--Rhett Miller, "Can't See Straight"--Sam Phillips, "Juicebox"--The Section Quartet, "I Knew It Would End Like This"--Van Dyke Parks



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