Autistic Behavior

Shattered Cattle

Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: SRA
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release
More Info:

Now for the first time ever, in celebration of Record Store Day, 32 years in the making SRA Records is releasing Shattered Cattle on limited edition, multi-colored album w/ lyric sheet/photo collage. Hear for the first time un-released classic punk tunes like “Trapped In A Fad”, “Blind Silence”, “Risk Of Infection”, “Killer Forces”, and “AB Scam” along-side “TV Messiah” and “Powerhead” which are now re-mixed and re-mastered. 15 Previously unreleased tracks, two were on a local Phila punk comp. in 1982 but otherwise have been out of print all these years…



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