Enter to win an autographed copy of HESITATION MARKS

The new album from NIN is in stores now and we have a very special version of it on double vinyl. Special because it’s signed by the man himself, Trent Reznor.  There are four different covers (a different cover for each format) all based on pieces created by artist Russell Mills, who did the art for Downward Spiral, and other NIN releases, and the piece represented on the special vinyl release is "Other  Murmurs" created with Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, etching varnish, collage, on canvas, on wood.

Spin says the first single from HESITATION MARKS is “a snarling, twitchy throwback that announces Reznor’s return in characteristic form.”  See for yourself when you pick up the new record at a record store near you. 

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