Wilco has a brand new 7” single in the stores now, featuring a song (“I Might”) from their upcoming record, The Whole Love, and a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label”. And it’s a good thing, since the label it’s released on, dBpm, is Wilco’s own!   
And they love record stores too! We’re happy for Jeff Tweedy and the boys, and happy that they teamed up with us to find out which record stores YOU love... In our I LOVE MY RECORD STORE CONTEST.  A little love letter/essay contest if you will, because record stores are important to you, and we want to give you the chance to shout out why. 

Just enter your information below and in the comments section tell us which record store has won your heart, and why. One lucky winner will hop on a plane bound for NYC, and check out Wilco Live At Central Park on September 22! (see official rules for complete contest prize details and rules)

 (Contest ends 7/31, so hurry up! And don’t forget to include the name of the store, as well as the city and state so we can share the love!).  

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