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"A deluxe edition of his blockbuster 1994 solo album spotlights the musician’s creative process, and the mind-set of a man at a crossroads." --New York Times 
"The new reissue of Tom Petty’s benchmark 1994 solo album has a sprawling quality inherent to the album that makes it feel less like a curio for obsessives than a deep interrogation into its success." --Pitchfork 
By all accounts, Wildflowers should always have been a bigger album-- in the sense that there were so many more songs that were an initial part of Tom Petty's vision for it, and now, thanks to the efforts of Tom's family, friends and fellow Heartbreakers, that bigger, complete vision is here, in many editions, notably in a special nine-album package that you can only walk in and buy at indie record stores. 
We've not seen a record so anticipated and so loved in a long time, and we're happy to say we have one of the Super Deluxe Nine Disc Editions to give to a lucky winner.   "You Don't Know How It Feels" (yet) to be a winner but you can't win if you don't enter below. 

Wildflowers And All The Rest  Wildflowers And All The Rest
*Contest ends November 30. *Contest open to entries with valid US shipping address. 

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