STONED, the Blackberry Smokealbum in record stores as part of RSD Black Friday was recorded, mixed and mastered live to a vinyl master, in one take, on the evening of November 6th 2020 at Welcome To 1979 studio in Nashville, during the studio's annual Recording Summit. There were no overdubs, edits, punch-ins, remixes or remastering. This type of recording is very rare due to the technical and creative difficulty associated with it. Once the recording has started it cannot stop until the end of the side. You are hearing one complete take per side of the record, which is no easy feat for all involved!
Welcome to 1979 has found a way to bring that warm analog tape smell to a candle, and we've got one for a lucky winner. Perfect for a listening session with this great Blackberry Smoke record of Rolling Stones covers... You'll feel just like you were there one year ago...

Welcome to 1979 - warm analog tape Candle
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