Your STORE ID is a four digit number assigned to your store. To find it, locate your store listing on - Use this link to go to our store finder.

In the address bar of that web page you will see an address that looks like this:

The XXXX will be that unique four digit number, and is your STORE ID.

That is the number we need you to use for this form.


Store ID?
Do you have an online store that is not associated with Amazon or eBay? Y:     N:
Main store contact name:
Main store contact email address:
Main store contact phone:
Main store contact address:
Main store contact city:
Main store contact state:
Main store contact zip code:
Main store contact country:
Do you sell new releases? Y:     N:
Do you sell CDs? Y:     N:
Do you sell Vinyl? Y:     N:
Do you sell a wide variety of genres? Y:     N:
If you are direct with any majors, please list them here:
Are you open with Baker & Taylor? Y:     N:
Are you open with Alliance? Y:     N:
Please list any other distributors you are open with:
Do you do business with these distributors under a different name?
Store site web address:
Do you have the ability to deep link via UPC? Y:     N:
Technical contact name:
Technical contact phone number:
Technical contact email: