While Record Store Day and driving customers into your stores is always our number one priority, we're very excited to tell you about a project we’ve been working on for over a year that we believe will be a tremendous resource for all Record Store Day Pledge-Signed stores. 

RSD MRKT is a new, online destination for customers to shop from RSD pledged-signed stores, and only RSD pledge-signed stores, in a singular marketplace. 

When we launch very soon this month, RSD MRKT will be a place for stores to sell new, unopened Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday titles, as well as RSD Essentials and ALL Indie Exclusive titles. Soon after launch, RSD MRKT stores can begin listing additional full catalog, new, unopened vinyl on RSD MRKT. You can already see ways in which this marketplace will be different from others.

Why are we doing this? A few reasons. 
• First, the pandemic changed consumer buying habits. While we’re thrilled to see so many people returning to stores and digging through crates, the data shows that more and more consumers are buying vinyl online. 

• Second, other entities out there are attempting to capture those online sales, and they have vast resources and great brand names behind them. Our preference is that music fans are purchasing vinyl from independent record stores, whether in-store or online

• Lastly, by having one destination where many pledge-signed stores are listing inventory, Record Store Day finally has a place to point fans who reach out to us asking where they can find certain titles. Previously, we could never promote specific stores over others and we had no way of knowing which stores had which titles. With RSD MRKT, we can tell the hundreds of customers that reach out to Record Store Day through email or social media comments that if they can’t find what they’re looking for inside their local record store, they should explore and shop on RSD MRKT. 

Record Store Day has collaborated with BROADTIME, an indie store drop-ship e-commerce company, to carefully build RSD MRKT from the ground up. While Broadtime is the engineering and programming behind RSD MRKT, it is not a Broadtime site and you do not need to be a Broadtime customer to list products on RSD MRKT - it’s open to all pledge-signed Record Store Day stores.

To maximize the impact of RSD MRKT upon public launch, we encourage all Record Store Day Pledge-signed stores to sign up for RSD MRKT and create your VALIDATED store profile. We are now asking registered stores to list inventory via file upload, individually, or directly connecting your point of sale.

Registering your store is quick and easy.

Please visit and follow the simple registration process.

You will register using the same email that ties you in with the Record Store Day system. Make sure you have access to that email inbox so that you can verify your store via the email that we will send. If you have multiple locations you only need to register for one.

Participation in RSD MRKT is 100% optional, but we believe RSD MRKT will play a vital role in the continued growth of vinyl and indie retail. 

Should you encounter difficulties in the registration process, please reach out to

We’re also here to answer any questions you may have. 


Thank you for your continued support and contributions to Record Store Day.