Record Store Day Radio Launches on Dash Radio Today, April 15

RSD 2015

April 15, 2015


Record Store Day Radio is set to launch TODAY, April 15, beginning with a full week of music released throughout the eight years of Record Store Day.

Since its launch in 2008, musicians have created special releases to celebrate Record Store Day and the culture of independent, community-centered record stores it supports. The concept has blossomed into an international extravaganza in which thousands of artists participate each year by putting out previously unreleased music, limited reissues, and special editions in addition to doing live in-store performances, DJ sets, signings, and more.

Record Store Day Radio is the only radio station that collects Record Store Day releases in one place and presents them to listeners in a commercial-free format via Dash Radio, the biggest original digital radio broadcasting platform in the world. Tune in to hear exciting rarities, classic reissues, b-sides, demos, and other material that was released to limited quantities exclusively for RSD -- some of which is now out of print and unavailable online. The station will also be showcasing new releases that are coming out this Saturday, April 18, for Record Store Day 2015.

After week one, Record Store Day Radio will move into its regular format, playing a diverse mix of fresh and classic cuts alongside Record Store Day rarities. RSD Radio will be playing music that is popular in record stores, highlighting artists and songs that are often neglected by commercial radio. Several programs will be curated by record store owners from around the globe, giving them the control to share their local scenes with the world while creating unique radio shows with the personality of their individual stores.

"Looking at music fans, people discovering the latest news and artists at a local level, we figured who's better than people that work at record stores?" said Dash Radio founder Scott Keeney (DJ Skee) to Billboard. "They know the scene like no other. They're obviously the most passionate. They live, breathe, eat this every day."

According to Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz, the concept of RSD Radio originated with Public Enemy’s Chuck D while he served as a Record Store Day Ambassador in 2014.

"He kept bringing up that we needed a Record Store Day radio station," Kurtz told Billboard. "'It would be so cool, one of the few cool things Record Store Day hasn't done.' He started the whole conversation."

Record Store Day’s impact has been felt throughout the music industry, fueling what the New York Times has called “a small renaissance.” Created at a time in which community record stores were in peril, Record Store Day has been instrumental in the resurgence of both vinyl as a format and local stores as the preferred place to purchase it. Vinyl sales surged to 9.2 million in 2014 - a 52% increase since 2013 and the biggest number in the entire Soundscan era - and independent record stores in the US averaged a 645% sales growth overall on Record Store Day 2014.

Record Store Day Radio aims to expand this renaissance into a yearlong affair, keeping music fans connected and providing a platform for artists and record storeowners to spread the word about the music, and the stores, they love.

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Record Store Day is managed by the Department of Record Stores and is organized in partnership with the Alliance of Independent Media Stores (AIMS), the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) and celebrates the culture of independent record stores by playing host to in-store events/performances, signings and special product releases on a global scale.

Record Store Day takes place annually on the third Saturday of April.

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