YOUTUBE for Record Stores


YOUTUBE has joined the Record Store Day party! We've teamed with them to start our own channel on YouTube.

Now it is time for you guys to go to the site, and SUBSCRIBE to the page, and begin placing videos on your own channel/sending them to us via YouTube, so we can mark them for inclusion in the Record Store Day site. These can be anything from in-store appearances to more creative videos provided to you by your employees and customers.

Youtube is most excited about the idea of posting customer/employee testimonials about their favorite albums. If we do this, they will set up a special feature where others can respond to these videos with their own testimonial or comments. If at all possible please begin putting your videos up on the site right away. We're looking to get as much video from Record Store Day itself as possible, so if you've got performances planned for April 19, make sure to record them for the Record Store Day channel on YouTube!

Get your customers to share a performance or a testimony to your favorite "RECORD" or Artist. Then submit the video to us for inclusion via favorites, playlists, or directly on the Record Store Day site...

You can also grab the code for embedding our playlists and official videos via our jukebox at the RSD website here: