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Making Vinyl

Making Vinyl 2017 Detroit
Save the Dates: Nov. 6-7

Produced by Colonial Purchasing along with support from Record Store Day and Third Man Pressing.  

Registration opens August 21st

The Rebirth of the Record Manufacturing Industry will be examined fully in Detroit at Making Vinyl. It’s the first B2B conference dedicated to exploring how a business believed to be done somehow became physical media’s shining star in the digital age.

The world’s leading vinyl manufacturers will congregate in Detroit on Nov. 6-7 at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel and trade notes on the state of the art, which has been perfected with new technology, as new pressing plants are coming online throughout the world. Suppliers will present their latest breakthroughs in improving productivity and output that will alleviate the four-month back orders that are struggling to keep up with consumer demand.

Where else but Making Vinyl will you be able to get a tour of Third Man Pressing, the new pressing plant of Detroit native musician Jack White (of the popular band The White Stripes). Third Man is Making Vinyl’s hometown sponsor and is being presented in association with Record Store Day, largely viewed as the main driver of vinyl retaking its place as the home entertainment medium of choice.

All aspects of the vinyl comeback will be explored to keep the retail and e-commerce supply chain teeming with new releases and back catalog. It’s definitely not the vinyl business of yesteryear, as baby boomers and millennials alike don’t think twice about paying $25 and up for a new record half of what it costs on CD. Vinyl’s current popularity – 10 years of double-digit growth – simply defies all technological format growth in a modern world that usually prefers streaming over moving parts and tangible objects.

Conference Objectives

  • Celebrate Vinyl as physical media’s shining star in the digital age
  • Deliver to attendees need-to-know info about Vinyl manufacturing challenges and opportunities
  • Reinforce that Vinyl’s rebirth is not a fad, as proven by 10 years of double-digit growth by Record Store Day over the past decade
  • Provide useful state-of-the-art info for mutual interests along the Vinyl supply chain, including retailers, labels, pressing plants, consumable suppliers, packagers, & music brokers
  • Provide networking opportunities for these diverse groups to meet each other and forge new relationships

Who Should Attend?

  • Vinyl Manufacturers
  • Vinyl Mastering Service Providers
  • Lacquer Cutting Service Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • CD/DVD Replicators & Duplicators
  • Vinyl Consumables Suppliers
  • Packaging Suppliers – Labeling, Innersleeves, etc.
  • Record Labels
  • Copyrights Holders
  • Music Brokers
  • Turntable Manufacturers and Other Audio Components
  • Music Retailers
  • Vinyl Enthusiasts

Registration opens August 21st 

Conference & Sponsorship information:

Bryan Ekus, Sponsorships, +1 407-733-1901,
Larry Jaffee, Conference, +1 917-291-2488,

Produced By:

Conference Partner

Hometown Sponsor

Colonial Purchasing Co-Op Record Store Day Third Man Pressing - Detroit
Colonial Purchasing Co-Op Record Store Day Third Man Pressing - Detroit