The Digital Convenience

Music specialty retailers have a very special offer for our customers, but we're having a difficult time with the messaging.

Most modern LP's released today come with a digital download coupon or a compact disc inside, allowing for complete ownership to the consumer. This has gone from trend to practice, including seven inch singles and those releases that don't cater to the needs of their customer base automatically fall behind the pack.

There is nothing more satisfying, as a retailer, than turning our customers on. Standing at our registers, explaining that "yes, you get the best of both worlds," invariably, the customer asks, "does all vinyl come with this opportunity?" "Not yet, but soon," we answer.

Now is the time to cut through the confusing messaging, or complete lack and adopt an industry standard.





The answer has arrived direct from indie retail, the following stickers have been designed to cut through the confusion. We urge our industry partners, labels, distributors and vinyl replicators to use the following images to the best of their abilities.

All available art formats are on the following page for your designers. Participating Record Store Day retailers, including the founding coalitions, AIMS, CIMS and MMN, will be provided with stickers (black on silver) to brand releases as they see fit. Many stores already have sections devoted to the "digital convenience" and RSD will provide bin cards and signage for those interested retailers.


Vinyl Branding Press Kit and Graphic Downloads (click here)