Record Store Day Party

Who's ready to celebrate? This year at Zia, we're kicking things up a notch with hundreds of viny exclusives, Zia Records' Phoenix, Tucson, and Vegas music compilation, best of the You Heard Us Back when CD, a Zia tumbler, shirt, exclusive Zia enamel pin and much more fun!

Join us at all eight Zia Records locations at 9 AM! Exclusives are limited to one copy per customer.

Events schedule:

Live on the air with KWSS -- 11 AM

Fairy Bones -- 1 PM

Father Figures -- 2 PM

Kool Keith Signing -- 3 PM

Phoenix Comicon Giveaway -- 4 PM

JJCNV -- 6:30 PM

Kool Keith
9:00AM Zia Records - Camelback
Phoenix, AZ