Record Store Day Version 10.0

Preface ...

As we celebrate our 21st year in business all year long, we are especially happy to be celebrating our 10th year being involved in the Record Store Day Celebration. We remember back in 2008 when the landscape was depressed with doom and gloom because Downloads and Amazon were taking a huge bite out of the physical copy world of the Music Industry. It was then that some indie record store folks came up with the concept for Record Store Day and put the plan into effect. There were those that thought it would be for naught and that the music industry would soon end up in a garbage heap or at the bottom of a sewer somewhere soon. And, there were those of us that thought that RSD might just be what good doctor would order for the aches and pains and ills that us Independent Stores were feeling. And, thank God, our hopes and dreams were answered.

More than anything else that has happened during the last 10 years, Record Store Day has had a positively significant upward impact on the Independent Record Store scene while also having a very positive impact on the renewed interest in vinyl. Would it have happened anyway? I think not. I for one believe that the concept, and the significant marketing efforts put forth by the Record Store Day folks are THE reason why vinyl has become as big as it has over the last then years.

So, not only are we celebrating the existence of the Independent Record Store on Record Store Day, we are celebrating the existence of Record Store Day itself ... the idea ... the impact ... the importance ... and the belief that tides can be changed when you put your heart and soul and mind to it.

Some details ...

The Doors will open at 7:00am ... we'll close at 8pm

There will be Live Music from 9am until 3:30pm ...

Coffee and Donuts for the Early Birds ...

Free Drawings for:

Vintage BSR-Sharp RP700 Turntable

New Victrola Turntable and Speaker System

Old & New Record Store Day Releases

How Things Work

There are no Pre-Orders ... it's against the rules and it just ain't fair.

Even though we are opening at 7am, there will be those that begin lining up much earlier than that. Weather can be a factor on how many, and how early folks line up ahead of 7am. We have known some to line up as early as late Friday night. It's your call of course. We plan to get here sometime between 5 and 6am and we will pass out numbers when we get here so that you can go grab a bite to eat or take a quick nap in the car, or come into the store and hang out with us until the clock strikes 7am.

There is a limit of one-copy-per-title-per customer, especially from 7am until noon. This again, is to ensure a level playing field and it's our way of helping to reduce the possibility of titles coming out of our store and landing on ebay. Our customers wishes and desires, vinyl hopes and dreams, are at the center of this rule that we've employed since the very first Record Store Day. Later on, after noon, if you want to pick up a second copy of a title, because you have a friend that couldn't make it out for RSD, or you simply want to have a copy to keep unopened forever, then by all means, head on back and pick that up (if it's available).


21 years is a long time. Sure, there are indie stores that have been around for more than 40 years or so ... perhaps ... but there's not many.. Some of my all time favorites in the Chicago area are long gone ... Hegweisch Records ... Record City ... Rock Records ... while some are still around fighting the fight, like Beverly Records and Val's Halla.

Owning and operating a record store is not rocket science but it certainly is a labor of love, and being able to keep your head above water for 10 or 20 or certainly 40 years, is really something when you consider how the music industry has changed since the 1960's. Music format changes, introductions and disappearances are but one example of that changing landscape: 8-tracks, cassettes, compact discs (good-bye vinyl), file sharing, downloading, streaming, hello vinyl (good-bye compact discs) ... throw in the mini disc and SACD and DVD audio and Reel-to-Reel Tape in there, and you've got a lot of attempts, failures and mucho confusion.

So ... Record Store Day was started as, and still is, a celebration of the Independent Record Store. For it is we that help to nurture and define the local area, and consequently the national, music community. It's not Best Buy, Wal-Mart nor Amazon nor Napster.

'Nuff said!

We hope to see you on Record Store Day to help us celebrate our existence and your support and love of music.