Omar Naré at Up The Creek

When you hear the word "Mariachi," a certain picture comes to mind. The shiny buttons down the side of the pants, the big bass guitar holding down the low end, the trumpets, the enormous hats. But Fresno-based Omar Naré is bringing to the world a unique take on the traditional Mariachi music that he loves. Naré digs deep into the roots of Mariachi, then combines it with a modern sensibility, infusing it with elements of jazz, funk, soul and the singer-songwriter tradition to create something entirely new.

Omar Narée was recently featured on Public Radio International . This Saturday we are honored to feature him on our Up The Creek Live stage from 6-7:30.

People often ask what ties together the various elements at Up The Creek - the vinyl records, the hand-made jewelry, the Vintage Electric bikes - I call it a "Brand-New, Old-World" aesthetic. The same could be said for the music of Omar Narée. It reaches back in time, capturing the soul of a beautiful tradition and placing it firmly in a contemporary context. To that, I say "Ay, jai jai jai jaiiiii!"

6:00PM Up The Creek Records
Walnut Creek, CA