Record Store Day 2018 at Mojo Books & Records

As we have every year since the inception of Record Store Day, Mojo will offer a vast array of very special, limited edition, indie-store-only releases. We order pretty much EVERYTHING, and in significant quantities, offering one of the best RSD selections in the state of Florida. If you came to us first the last few years, you know we do some intense RSD stocking.This year there are a crazy number of titles -- well over 400 -- so there will literally be something for everyone.In most cases if you line up early and are here when the doors open you will get not only what you want but what you need.

The list of official RSD releases is at

We also order many of the unofficial and even some of the international RSD releases when we can get them, which will not be featured on this list.

*** DOORS OPEN AT 8am!!! ***


- Free drawing for people in line before the doors open (former RSD releases and more)

- Free Mojo T-shirt for the first 10 people in line

- Free drink of your choice from the coffee bar for the first 10 people in line

- Free official Record Store Day goodie bags with purchase (while supplies last)

- Free beer during shows (must be 21 and have id)

- VEGAN BAKESALE to help homeless animals, out front with a variety of seriously delicious goodies it's a Mojo Record Store Day tradition.


Mojo has been lucky to host some very memorable Record Store Day in-stores and this year will be no exception! All performances are free and all-ages.

Opening to afternoon: DJ Suspiria


Die Alps!

Easy Button


Justin Myers

Story Mode

Computer Date

Hello Joyce

Large Father

Music portion Co-produced by Mojo Books & Records and Pocket Sand.