Record Store Day Bloomington 2018


11 DJ Inflatable Girl / Abby Goldsmith

12 Deep Sense / Derek Navardauskas

1 Unique -

2 Bethany Lumsdaine -


4 Call & Response House Band

C&R is a jazz and improvisational music series on (almost) every Wednesday at the Blockhouse Bar. Led by Ben Lumsdaine (drums), Evan Main (piano), and Philip Wailes (bass)

5 Superstar Cruiser

Bloomington-based ambient space outfit

6 Fresh Kill

Grounded in poignant harmonies between Jess and Emma and propelled forward by bouncing, rhythmic instrumentation from bassist KC Cifizzari, Fresh Kill is a refreshingly sunny but equally hard-hitting alt-pop trio that has something to say- and they’re making sure their voices are heard.

Plus, hand-screened one-day-only merchandise from In Case of Emergency Press!