The Coke Dares

The Coke Dares triumphantly return to Bloomington to wreck havoc upon the masses... on a monday evening! This "tiny" instore performance will be fun and unique and suitable for the whole family! (I mean, you might have to explain some things afterwards- but there won't be any sustained full nudity or overt drug use or intentional adult language.)

"The Coke Dares are the core trio of Jason Paul Evans Groth, Pete Schreiner, and Mark Rice. Their new LP, Fake Lake (out 4/20), is the band's 35-song, 44-minute magnum opus. Equal parts Sparks and Minutemen, Fake Lake is densely packed with smart near-prog arrangements and quirky new wave humor performed at breakneck hardcore punk speed."

Will Mark be playing a cajón? Will Pete have an acoustic fretless 5-string? Will Jason be playing thru a tiny amp on his belt? I guess you better show up and find out!

The Coke Dares
6:00PM Landlocked Music
Bloomington, IN