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Record Store Day 2020 at Static Age

Orders have been placed, adjustments have been made, and now, the countdown to Record Store Day can begin!

We will have a bunch of exclusive and limited release titles available on June 20th starting at 8am CST! Itís early, we know, but itís like second Christmas. Just too exciting to wait. Get up, swing by FLUID Coffee Roasting Lab and Lounge Michigan City, grab a bite and some coffee, then come see us. Here is the link to the full list of titles coming out that day: We will post videos of our haul a few days ahead of the event as product arrives.

Because these are such limited releases, we have no idea at this point how much of what weíve ordered weíll actually get. Weíve ordered big and are keeping our fingers crossed. Our distributors do a great job of spreading things around and with so many great titles, we know that itís going to be amazing. Plus, all every day, non Record Store Day titles will be 10% off!

Now, the rules. Weíve said it before, but it bears repeating:

-All Record Store Day sales must be in person and we cannot hold items for anyone. This will be first come, first served. If there is something you want, come early.

-One copy per title per customer. No purchasing multiple copies of the same title on Record Store Day.

We also sincerely ask that every person be respectful of everyone else in attendance. This means:

-If a line forms before the doors open, no cuts. If your friends get there 5 minutes after you, tell them youíll see them inside. Waiting in line sucks. Please donít make it worse.

-No pushing or shoving.

-No hoarding stuff for someone else. If you donít plan to buy it, let it go

-Have fun!

-Donít be a dick!

See you there!

Record Store Day 2020!
8:00AM Static Age
Michigan City, IN