Give your artists The Indie Option, and give your fans the heads up that your music is available to pre-order/purchase at indie record stores. 

Placing the Indie Option button/link on your site provides music lovers with immediate access  to indie record stores!


Simply place The Indie Option button (or text) on your site and hyperlink/deep link to your product at RSD by following these steps:


     • Using the UPC of the title you wish to promote, follow the URL formula below, exchanging the UPC (without dashes) for XXXXXXXXXXXX 


          (XXXXXXXXXXX is the UPC) 

          The finished link should look like this one: 

     • Use this to let fans know your music is available at record stores alongside any other outlets you recommend they use to access the release.


Record Store Button



Clicking on The Indie Option button will enable fans to be sent directly to YOUR release and be geo-located to show them:

• The nearest record stores to walk into and purchase your title

• The nearest record stores to order from online with store finder tools

• The option to purchase digitally and still support indie record stores

Using the Indie Option allows you to communicate with those fans who want their musical choices to support local businesses. The Indie Option importantly empowers those record stores to be champions of your releases.


Useful Additional Information

• When you use the Indie Option, tag us in your tweets and posts so that we can promote your release.  

@recordstoreday on Twitter and Facebook

@recordstoredayus on Instagram 


• The Indie Option is for all releases, throughout the year. Metadata populates the custom pages starting on street week, so if you are using Indie Option prior to street date and want to flesh out the custom page, simply email

• Not all stores on will come up in the Indie Option geolocation system. Because we want your fans to have a good experience with record stores, we have curated the database to include stores that sell the most genres and formats weekly. As more stores meet the criteria, they will be included. 

• If you are having issues creating the link or with the custom page, please contact