Music Releases 03-17-23
A Flair For The Dramatic [LP]
$29.98  29.98
Vinyl LP pressing. Released on June 26, 2007 The Fuentes boys and company have moments when it seems lightening is dying to get out of the bottle. For a pure example of that, wait till just before the minute mark, when these guys rival the gruesome metallic energy Pantera. Let's get down to brass tacks, this album is phenomenal at moments.  

Creatrix [Coke Bottle Clear LP]
$24.98  24.98

After spending the past 20 years in the studio, on concert stages all over the world and at the literal top of the charts, All-American Rejects co-founder Tyson Ritter didn’t start Now More Than Ever in 2018 with the expectation it would turn into a real band – but a real band is very much what it has become. In tandem with veteran musicians/songwriters/producers Scott Chesak and Izzy Fontaine, Ritter has begun a meaningful and exciting new chapter in his music career with Now More Than Ever’s debut album Creatrix, which will be released March 17, 2023, by Thirty Tigers.

To hear Ritter tell it, All-American Rejects’ relationship with the traditional music industry was in many ways the reason he was eager to try something different: simply making music with friends for fun, without any preconceived notions about what would, could or should happen next. In other words, no constraints, no A&Rs, no deadlines and no mandate to sound like anyone or anything other than themselves.

The fact that Ritter and Chesak have known each other for so long certainly helped jumpstart things, as the latter has been a multi-instrumentalist touring member of All-American Rejects since 2011. Chesak later segued into writing and producing for artists such as Weezer and Panic! At The Disco, a skill Ritter has long admired but had difficulty incorporating into his own creative process. As he began thinking about new music, he “definitely knew” he “didn’t want to write in the traditional sense with and for another artist in a studio. Scotty and I just got to talking and decided to write some tunes. It started that innocently.”

“We didn’t have a name, or an idea of being a band, until probably a year after that,” Chesak adds. “We were kind of just writing for the purity of writing and trying to make something cool. There’s a huge folder of songs we made during that time that aren’t part of this project, but three or four of them showed us there was something cohesive there.”

Having spent decades in the same musical scene, Ritter and Chesak were committed to a fresh approach when it came to the sound of their new work. “We were kind of sick of guitar music, because we both come from the rock world,” says Chesak, who handled bass, drums and keyboard duties during the sessions. “So at first we made a rule: Fuck guitars. No guitars!” Quickly they realized their beef wasn’t with guitars per se, but rather the same old sound of the instrument. Enter Izzy Fontaine, who has worked closely behind the scenes with everyone from Taking Back Sunday and Glassjaw to Seal and Banks, and came up in the industry alongside many of the same bands as Ritter and Chesak.

Now More Than Ever shimmers with that spirit of freedom, its nine tracks gracefully surfing the peaks of the past four decades of pop and rock. These are the kinds of songs that used to be on the radio and certainly still should be today – the ones that make you dance, shake your ass and forget about everything else for a while. The breathless electro-rock of “D-E-A-D Together” and the sultry power ballad “Heart To Heart” best embody that vibe, while horn players from Ozomatli add an instant dance party to “Candle.” The ‘80s synth-driven closer “Never You” started life as a Ritter acoustic song but was quickly transformed by Chesak and Fontaine into what’s now the perfect soundtrack for a vintage slow dance prom scene.

To that end, “Heels Up Head Over” explores those themes with a tale about a werewolf and vampire getting married, while lyrical references to the ageless cool of Joan Jett and drunk, young romance make you feel right at home in Now More Than Ever’s company. “This is a record where there was freedom in lyric,” Ritter says. “When you’re on a major label for 15 years, you can succumb to trying to follow your last thing. That can seep into the music in a way that’s so unconscious. The joy of this band is that it’s completely free of any oppressive overlords, ivory towers, approval processes or co-writes that have been manufactured, licked, stamped and thrown onto the assembly line.”

Now More Than Ever is here to help make sure the pillars of pop and rock will never fall, and they’re prepared to go down believing. “This is our little monolith,” Ritter says. “It might be six feet tall amongst giants, but it’s pure. And it’s truth for us. It’s saccharine as fuck, and I love it.”


The Awakening [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Silver 2LP]
$39.98  39.98

Ultramodern heavy icons KAMELOT reign supreme with their anticipated new studio album, The Awakening! Following  decades of top-charting releases and massive international touring, new radio-ready anthem “One More Flag in the Ground” continues the band’s legacy, proving their balanced rock and metal potency and featuring additional vocal layers from JUNO Award winning musician/producer Brian Howes.


Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell EP [Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Green Vinyl]
$24.98  24.98
Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell includes 7 “Yoshimi”-era tracks that were included in the 6 CD Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 20th Anniversary Box Set released in November 2022. Originally released as CD EP in 2003, it is now being released on vinyl for the first time. It features two versions of the title track (one remixed by Jason Bentley), a remix by The Postal Service of “Do You Realize??”, and 4 non-album tracks. This limited edition version is pressed on Glow In The Dark Green Vinyl.  

Fight Test EP [Limited Edition Ruby Red Vinyl]
$24.98  24.98
“Fight Test” was the third single released from The Flaming Lips hugely popular and successful albumYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Released in June 2003, the single entered the US Billboard Top 100 and peaked at #28 in the UK singles chart. The 7-track EP was included in the 6 CDYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 20thAnniversary BoxSet released in November 2022, and it is now being released on vinyl for the first time. In addition to the title track, it features a remix of “Do You Realize??”, “Thank You Jack White”, and 3 covers including a live version of the Kyle Minogue hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, and Radiohead’s “Knives Out”. This limited edition version is pressed on Ruby Red Vinyl.  


Music Releases 03-10-23
Shadow Of The Moon: 25th Anniversary Edition [Clear 2LP+7in+DVD]
$44.98  44.98


The band's debut album "Shadow Of The Moon" (1997) was not only Blackmore's deliberate radical cut from his previous life as celebrated rockstar in Deep Purple and Rainbow; it was a ground-breaking statement of his artistic ideals: mainly acoustic music, influenced by the songs of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with a touch of genius that made them sound contemporary.

"Shadow Of The Moon" was a milestone album. It encompasses everything that Blackmore's Night stand for to this day: beautiful melodies and warm atmospheres that are able to reach the soul as well as joyful songs to dance to and to celebrate.

Those who really understood Ritchie Blackmore 's music in his rock years, could immediately find the essence of his greatness in Blackmore 's Night, supported by lyrics that fit his music more than ever before.

March 2023, the 25th Anniversary Edition of "Shadow Of The Moon" will be released worldwide. The album was converted in HD audio from the original recording, and it has been fully remixed, allowing the original performance to shine in its original glory. The original iconic artwork has been refreshed and reworked to celebrate the anniversary.



More Than This [Yellow LP]
$22.98  22.98

"More Than This is an incredibly deeply personal album to myself lyrically. But the whole band has put their heart and soul into this record. We're proud of it," says lead singer and songwriter Conrad Ellis. "It's a very personal album to me on the lyrical level, because it's all about the hurdles I've overcome in life, over the past two or three years, and coming out the other side of is as a person. It's all about growth and change. I think a lot of people will connect to it on a deep level, that's what I'm hoping anyway."

The title asks, "Do you want to be more than you are? Do you want more on the financial side of things? Do you just want more from life in general, or do you want more from your love life? You want more from your job. Do you think you deserve that in some areas?"

"'More Than This' doesn't come from a sense of entitlement," stresses Ellis. "It comes from wanting to make something of yourself and your life."


Prolonging The Magic [LP]
$25.98  25.98

Prolonging the Magic, CAKE’s third studio album, is being released for the first time on 180 gram black vinyl. Remastered audio of the 13-track album includes “Never There,” “Let Me Go” and “Sheep Go To Heaven”.


Remember... You Must Die [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Black Ice LP]
$29.98  29.98

“Remember… You Must Die” is the sound of extreme metal stalwarts SUICIDE SILENCE channeling the spirit of their classic albums like “The Cleansing” or “No Time to Bleed” and delivering a modern deathcore masterpiece. Produced by Taylor Young (Xibalba, Vitriol, Drain), “Remember… You Must Die” taps into the rawness and energy in SUICIDE SILENCE’s DNA to thunderous result. Tracks like the album’s first single, “You Must Die” and its follow-up “Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)” are proof positive that SUICIDE SILENCE are far from mellowing with time. With this record, they’re going deeper and darker, the songs often lyrically being a meditation on death and finality. Says the band: “Every second the clock ticks we grow closer to death and what happens after our short bout with time is a total mystery. ‘Remember… You Must Die’ was written as a reminder to remember death and to not let time be our master.” With artwork by acclaimed Necrosurrealist artist David Van Gough, SUICIDE SILENCE isn’t merely looking back in anger. They’re starring forward and setting the standard for metallic extremity in the process.


The Big Bottle of Joy [2LP]
$29.98  29.98
Over a dozen songs infused with raw blues-rock, rollicking Americana, thoughtful folk, and ecstatic gospel, Matt Andersen testifies to something we could all do well to remember: the time we have together is special, so let’s spend it the right way. The Big Bottle of Joy was a team effort: the title doesn’t just refer to the record, but the band that Andersen put together to make it. The songs were written with not just a band in mind, but this exact group of people, and Andersen tailored moods and arrangements and sections to elevate the already substantial talents of the players.  


Music Releases 03-03-23
Foreground Music [Limited Edition Orange LP]
$26.98  26.98

“FOREGROUND MUSIC”, the title of Ron Gallo’s 4th LP, and debut for Kill Rock Stars might also be a suitable name for his own genre. In simplest terms it’s the opposite of background music - unavoidable, urgent, in your face - Gallo’s consistent theme is to confront, disrupt and sometimes even confuse people into a sense of awareness. The intention to steer away from apathy and self-empower by focusing on what we can control and make light of in a world designed to take it away. The guitar is less an instrument and more of a primal noise machine. This record is a challenge to everything and everyone, including his own self, who is holding back the progress of humanity (especially in America) into a more open, empathetic and collective unit - the words delivered with a punkish tenacity and lining even the heaviest topics with an ever-present sense of humor. It covers the full spectrum of emotion. This music feels like life feels right now. In his eyes, how could it not? Clad in caution tape and construction orange color scheme, much like his surrounding neighborhood in Philadelphia where it was written and recorded. Gallo doesn’t see now (or ever) as the time to sit back and chill - this is going to be what we make it. Over the course of the record traversing between sounds akin to an exploding NYC subway station, oddball dance-punk, noise pop, even the more grave moments would sit well in whatever a modern version of CBGB’s 1975 would be - in 11 songs Gallo shares detailed anecdotes and takes on male entitlement, the age of anxiety, apathy vs. action, gentrification, narcissism, retail therapy, xenophobia, the dread of future generations, right wing extremists in giant pickup trucks, capitalism, climate change and the experience


Enemy of the World: Re-Recorded [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange w/ Brown Splatter LP]
$29.98  29.98

New England rock band Four Year Strong have announced a re-recorded version of "Enemy of the World” complete with an updated depiction of the album art. The album originally came out over 10 years ago and was a breakout record for the band. Now it sees new production and 4 extra b-sides. "We decided to re record EOTW first and foremost to be as cool as Taylor Swift, but secondly because we wanted to be able to repress the vinyl and offer it to fans that haven’t been able to get it since the record came out." says Alan Day. He continues "It was really interesting to revisit all of the songs down to every detail, getting to kind of relive it in a way. We recorded the drums with Will Putney (who worked on the original EOTW as a engineer), did the rest by ourselves at Dan's house, and then had Will work his magic on it and mix and master it. We had just worked with Will for the first time since 2010 on our new album Brain Pain, and figured it would be perfect to work with Will as he knows FYS old and new more than anyone. So give it a listen, come out to the tour, and party like it’s 2010 again."


Fauna [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cream White LP]
$48.98  48.98

If you’re talking about modern progressive rock and don’t bring up Haken, you’re doing it wrong. Since the south English sextet started jamming together in 2004, they’ve been one of their genre’s most loyal yet, simultaneously, adventurous forces. And how do you honour such an eclectic, unpredictable career? You make Fauna: Haken’s most genre-busting and conceptually fascinating album to date. “The premise of the album when we started writing it was that every song would have an animal assigned to it,” explains singer and co-founder Ross Jennings. “They all have something related to the animal kingdom that we could write about, but they also connect to the human world. Each track has layers, and some of them are more obvious than others.” 

Musically, Fauna represents Haken at their most diverse. Taurus commences the album with its scraping heavy metal chords, as polyrhythmic as they are jagged. However, Ross’s melodic croon and the triumphant chorus are true Haken. Eyes Of Ebony is pure math rock, delicate in its start-stop clean guitar picking and chiming cymbals, while Island In The Clouds flaunts its bouncing bassline. Eighteen years deep, they’re still evolving and keeping their fans on their toes. Is there any truer definition of what making progressive rock means than that?

Alpha Zulu [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear LP]
$24.98  24.98

Grammy Award-winning band Phoenix returns with their next full length, Alpha Zulu, due out 11/4/2022. This follows their 2020 single "Identical,'' which went #1 at AAA radio, from the Motion Picture "On The Rocks". The project was recorded during the height of the pandemic in Paris, at the iconic Louvre museum. Phoenix are set to perform at festivals like Primavera Sound (Barcelona), We Love Green (Paris) and Austin City Limits (Texas) and will embark on a full headline tour in the US, UK, and EU in Sept 2022. The band has seen over 1.5B+ streams across their catalog, and have previously headlined Coachella, Governors Ball, Primavera Sound, Austin City Limits, and more. They've performed on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, amongst others.



Music Releases 02-24-23
Gravel & Gold [2LP]
$29.99  29.99

Dierks Bentley will release his 10th studio album on Capitol Records Nashville on February 24, 2022. The brand-new album will include 14 songs and features duets with Ashley McBryde and Billy Strings. His latest hit single, “Gold,” is currently rising on the Country charts. Dierks has sold over 10M albums worldwide and garnered over 4.2B streams. He has 21 #1 songs, 3 CMA Awards, 14 GRAMMY nominations and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry.


I Play My Bass Loud [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP]
$24.98  24.98
London-based Gina Birch began her storied career in music in 1977 when she formed the feminist punk band The Raincoats with fellow Hornsey School of Art student, Ana da Silva. Gina and Ana witnessed an early performance by The Slits and although neither of them knew how to play any instruments, they knew they had to start a band. Just months after they picked up their instruments they were on stage doing their thing around London and the UK in the fledgling and groundbreaking punk rock scene. The Raincoats quickly developed a large and loyal groups of fans and supporters, among them Red Krayola, Swell Maps and Geoff Travis and his new record label, Rough Trade. The Raincoats went on to record 3 albums for Rough Trade that are frequently found on lists of the most important records of the punk rock era and are still name checked as influences by artists today.
In September of 2021, Gina released her first ever solo single, Feminist Song, on Third Man Records in celebration of the opening of their brand new London location. In February of 2023, Third Man will release Gina’s brand new and first ever solo full length album, I Play My Bass Loud, recorded by Martin “Youth” Glover from Killing Joke and featuring Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth.

Stampede [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow & Deep Purple Splatter LP]
$26.98  26.98

The Shootouts didn’t expect to be back in the studio so soon after the release of their Top 10 Americana album 'Bullseye'. But when one of country music’s most legendary artists agrees to produce your next record, you don’t say no. That’s what happened when a mutual friend introduced the band to Ray Benson – longtime frontman and 10-time Grammy-winning founder of Asleep at the Wheel. Just months after the April 2021 release of Bullseye, the Shootouts found themselves hard at work with Benson and co-producer Sam Seifert on the album that would become 'Stampede'. The new album 'Stampede' continues to follow the Shootouts mission statement of embracing the various roots of country music while filtering it through the lense of a band from Northeast Ohio. It features special guests Asleep at the Wheel, Raul Malo, Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller, and Marty Stuart.


Wederkeer [LP]
$35.98  35.98
Five years since their much-acclaimed album VUUR VAN VERZET, early 2023 will see Dutch folk metal collective HEIDEVOLK return with their seventh studio album via Napalm Records, continuing to keep the pagan flame burning! Ever since their impressive 2005 debut, De strijdlust is geboren, HEIDEVOLK has taken the heavy music scene by storm, conquering stages throughout the world with their very own brand of folk metal. With dual clean vocals, irresistibly catchy songs, traditional instruments and fast metal riffing all fueled by their folkloric fire and pagan pride, HEIDEVOLK delivers for an uncompromising sound and musical adventure. Their new masterpiece, WEDERKEER, makes no exception, and proves why the Arnhem-based six-piece is one of the best, unrivaled and most exciting bands of their genre and beyond! In a world of myths, nature and legends of the Veluwe, Netherlands, the concept album is a powerful odyssey of the Self, deeply rooted in metal and folklore. WEDERKEER (meaning to “return” or “revive”) invites the listener to take a step back from the incessant barrage of media and stimuli and look inside, find out who we are, what is driving us, what our values are, and what we’ve learned from life up until now. While each of the twelve new songs individually deal with an aspect of this in mostly story form, HEIDEVOLK knows how to perfectly unleash proud hymns and direct, in-your-face metal songs! Tracks such as “Klauwen Vooruit” or the epic “De Strijd Duurt Voort” immediately kick off with the raw pagan metal power HEIDEVOLK are loved for - merging folkloric soundscapes, fast-paced riffs and ultralarge choirs. They also underline the progression of their songwriting and never forget their pagan roots on profound, emotionally haunting songs such as “Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)” or the epic neofolk acoustic album title track “Wederkeer”. Various folk musicians on vocals, violins, cello, bukkehorns and more traditional medieval instruments make WEDERKEER not only a bombastic folk and pagan metal record at its best, but a glorious return and revival of HEIDEVOLK!  

There's Nothing Worse Than Too Late [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue & Purple Galaxy LP + Screenprinted BSide]
$22.98  22.98

‘There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late’ was written and recorded over the last year and half. We went back to some of our earlier influences for it. When writing, we kept referencing more timeless bands like The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and many others. It has always been important for us to write songs that are timeless, but that was in the front of our minds more than ever when compiling TNWTTL. We want our fans to go back and listen to these songs in five or ten years and still feel something. Lyrically it touches on depression, death, cutting long lasting ties for good and many other heavy subject matters. At the end of it all, if our fans feel less alone because of these songs then it’s a success in our eyes.


The Hypnogogue
$13.99  13.99
Australian psych-rock legends THE CHURCH emerge with their first new studio album in six years. The bands 26th album gleams with potential hits every bit as chiming and charming as their definitive early work. Anchored by long-time collaborator Tim Powles, drummer and producer across 17 albums since '94 and buttressed by the newly invigorated triple-guitar threat of Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero), Ashley Naylor (Even, The Stems), and ex-Powderfinger stylist Ian Haug. In the end, it's founding member, Steve Kilbey's ethereal pneumatic warble and - by his own faux-journo-speak definition in the lyrics - "reptilian bass": that hold sway, especially as the melodies get more psychedelic and prog-rock intricate on "Antarctica," "Ascendance," and the six-minute epic "Succulent." Often seen as the godfathers of an Australian psychedelic scene generating such internationally successful names as Tame Impala and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Church have continued to evolve their sound.  


Music Releases 06-02-23
Council Skies [LP+7in]
$39.98  39.98

7 Inch includes a studio version of the track 'We're Gonna Get There In The End' and an acoustic version of 'Pretty Boy'


What Matters Most [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed Color LP]
$44.98  44.98

Autographed Color LP

“More than anything, I wanted to make an album that was generous, that was useful,” says Ben Folds. “I want you to finish this record with something you didn’t have when you started.” Indeed, Folds’ masterful new collection, What Matters Most, isn’t so much a statement as it is an offering, an open hand reaching out to all those wounded and bewildered by a world that seems to make less and less sense every day. Recorded in East Nashville with co-producer Joe Pisapia, the album marks Folds’ first new studio release in eight years, and it’s a bold, timely, cinematic work, one that examines the tragic and the absurd in equal measure as it reckons with hope and despair, gratitude and loss, identity and perspective. The songs are bittersweet here, hilarious at times, but often laced with a quiet sense of longing and dread: a text message goes unanswered; an old classmate descends into the dark depths of internet conspiracies; a relationship unravels in the middle of a lake. And yet, taken as a whole, the result is an undeniably joyful record that refuses to succumb to the weight of the world around it, an ecstatic reminder of all the beauty and promise hiding in plain sight for anyone willing (and present enough) to recognize their moments as they arrive.


Closing Time: 50th Anniversary [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear 2LP]
$31.98  31.98

Closing Time foreshadows the distinctly lyrical storytelling and original blending of jazz, blues, and folk styles that would come to be associated with Waits. It is on this debut album that Waits performs enduring classics of his career “Ol’ 55” (famously covered by the Eagles), the heartbreaking “Martha” and the gentle acoustic folk of “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You”. Reissued for the first time as a double LP to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark debut with newly half speed mastering at Abbey Road Studios.


Life Is But A Dream [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cobalt Blue 2LP]
$39.98  39.98

Avenged Sevenfold’s new album, Life Is But A Dream is a timeless work of art that blurs genres. Best served as a whole and consumed en masse to truly appreciate its musical breadth and sonic depth, it marks their boldest statement and most revolutionary work to date. Written and recorded over the span of 4 years, it was produced by Joe Barresi and Avenged Sevenfold in Los Angeles and mixed by Andy Wallace in the Poconos, PA. Inspired by Albert Camus’ The Stranger, the album is a journey through an existential crisis; a very personal exploration into the meaning, purpose and value of human existence with the anxiety of death always looming. Immerse into this experience…


In Between Dub [LP]
$36.98  36.98

In March 2020, Jack Johnson reached out to Lee “Scratch" Perry to produce a dub remix album based on Jack’s most loved recordings. On August 29, 2021, the project was brought to a halt as Scratch departed this physical world. In 2022, Jack and Subatomic Sound System, Perry’s band of the last decade, connected directly and discovered they had all the pieces to bring Lee “Scratch” Perry’s three creations to completion. The LP also features dubs from Dennis Bovell, Scientist, Mad Professor, Nightmares on Wax, and more.


Prequelle [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Tangerine LP]
$24.98  24.98
Live in Rio [2LP]
$35.98  35.98

In 2015, American supergroup Hollywood Vampires played probably their biggest and one of their most legendary concerts in front of over 100,000 fans. Rock in Rio is not only one of the most famous festivals, but also the origin of the Hollywood Vampires' first live album.

With Alice Cooper as frontman, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, Aerosmith legend Joe Perry and producer and songwriter Tommy Henriksen, this band already has a top-class line-up. Still, the list of superstars doesn't end there. Joining them on stage are Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver) and Bruce Witkin (Grammy nominated producer). Special guests include Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Zak Starkey (The Who / Oasis). A star line-up that has never been seen before on a single show.

The album was produced by Bob Ezrin (Deep Purple, KISS, Pink Floyd, etc.).


Last Man Dancing [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Marble LP]
$35.98  35.98

On Last Man Dancing, Jake Shears turns his lifelong love affair with club culture into his most ambitious pop music to date. The album was brought to vivid life by Jake Shears and a close crew of collaborators, including head-turning features from Kylie Minogue, Jane Fonda, Iggy Pop, Amber Martin, and a pre-Renaissance turn from the iconic Big Freedia.


Stakes Is High [2LP]
$34.98  34.98

Stakes is High is the 4th studio album by de la Soul, released on July 2, 1996. Stakes is High was critically lauded for it's music, lyricism, and it's overall message concerning the artistic decline rap music began to face in the mid-90s. The title track and first single was produced by J Dilla and the album's second single, "Itzsoweezee (HOT)", with only Dave on vocals, was accompanied by a creative music video. The album spawned a third single "4 More", featuring Zhane. The album did provide a launching pad for future star rappers and actors Mos Def, who appeared on the track "Big Brother Beat" and Common who is featured on "The Bizness"


Roots, Rockers & Dub [RSD Essential Indie Colorway Evergreen 2LP]
$32.99  32.99

Indie Exclusive * Visionary artist Augustus Pablo is among the most important figures in reggae history. Widely credited with popularizing the use of the melodica in reggae, Pablo was a talented musician and an innovative producer who became an early dub pioneer. Now regarded as classics, his memorable 1970s recordings were part of the remarkable creative surge that vaulted the Jamaican music scene to international prominence. Much of this material was released by Rockers, an independent record label founded by Pablo and named after his popular Kingston sound system. Now, Nature Sounds is proud to present Roots, Rockers, & Dub, a new Augustus Pablo vinyl collection celebrating the 50th anniversary of Rockers. Featuring classic dubs along with rare and out-of-print tracks, the album captures Pablo’s immense contribution to roots reggae by highlighting a wealth of material spanning his entire career, all released on Rockers. Fully remastered and released in partnership with the Pablo family, Roots, Rockers, & Dub is a fitting tribute to an artist whose music still reverberates heavily more than two decades after his passing.


G.A.M.E. [RSD Essential Indie Colorway White 2LP]
$32.99  32.99

Indie Exclusive * First time on vinyl * The Game's follow-up to the Dr. Dre produced, The Documentary was 2006’s G.A.M.E. He preaches the hardcore gospel with as much fervor as its predecessor, serving up narratives of street hustling hardships as gritty and lean as any of his contemporaries. The sound is still steeped in Dre's trademark languid, hazy G-funk grooves, as the opener "Anything You Ask For" proves. A successor to Compton's rap heritage, yet fresh and contemporary enough to make his own mark, the Game is the voice of the next generation of West Coast hardcore. Originally released on Get Low Recordz and has guest features with JT the Bigga Figga, Bootleg & Shoestring.


Cali Iz Active [RSD Essential Indie Colorway Blue 2LP]
$32.99  32.99
"Indie Exclusive * First time on colored vinyl * Cali Iz Active is the fourth studio album by rap group Tha Dogg Pound and is also the name of the album's title track and lead single. It was released through Koch and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle Records on June 27, 2006. Besides Daz and Kurupt, the album also features Tha Dogg Pound family (Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, RBX, and Lady of Rage). Also appearing are David Banner, Ice Cube, Paul Wall and producers Battlecat, Fredwreck, Swizz Beatz and Jazze Pha. Cali Iz Active is arguably the strongest album from the crew and a West Coast fiend's dream come true."  

Sidewalks [RSD Essential Indie Colorway Blue LP]
$24.99  24.99
Indie Exclusive * First Time on Colored vinyl and the first pressing since the orginal pressing in 2010 * From the band - Some of our favorite lyrics we’ve ever written are on this album. I probably won’t have a grave stone, but if I did, I’d like these lyrics printed on it: “TIRED DOGS REST THEIR PAWS”  

Grand [RSD Essential Yellow w/Orange & Black Splatter LP+7in]
$29.99  29.99

RSD Essential 037 * Includes a bonus 7" - Live in Bonnaroo 2013 - exclusive to this pressing * From the band - We self produced/recorded this album in a room with no heat in the middle of winter. We never expected you, the person who is reading this, would ever hear it. I think that’s really part of the magic of it.


Pour It Out Into The Night [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sun Marble LP]
$24.98  24.98

The Revivalists make the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that grabs you and doesn’t let go. On their fifth full-length release, the New Orleans outfit was inspired to create a life-affirming album that in many ways connects to the original seed of inspiration for the band’s name. Pour It Out Into The Night is a celebration of resilience, living for who you are and what you’re about.


I've Loved You For So Long [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Electric Smoke LP]
$22.98  22.98

Provo Utah's The Aces will be releasing their latest studio album "I've Loved You For So Long" via Red Bull Records on 6/2. The 11-track album produced by Keith Varon.

In the years since The Aces released their Billboard& MRc/Luminate Top 10 charting, and acclaimed second album, “Under My Influence”, in 2020, the band has been on a journey of self-discovery. Faced with the realities of a global pandemic, sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez (lead vocals/guitar and drums, respectively), Katie Henderson (lead guitar/vocals), and McKenna Petty (bass) used quarantine as a time to reflect, confronting personal mental health issues as well as processing experiences they’d had growing up together in Provo, Utah, as part of the Mormon church. When The Aces returned to the studio, their vision — and the honesty and trust between them — felt stronger than ever. The result of this growth period is “I’ve Loved You For So Long”, the band’s third studio album — a sparkling indie-rock record that’s by far their most personal and self-assured work to date. Written and executive-produced by the group (along with Keith Varon, the sole producer/collaborator on the project), the album is like time-traveling through their most intimate moments. From tracks that ruminate on mental health and self-sabotage to searing anthems about love, longing, and heartbreak, “I’ve Love You For So Long” is a record that’ll work its way into your head and heart — and will have you singing along all the way through.


To Hell And Back [LP]
$23.98  23.98

Death thrash force DIETH - featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) - set the metalsphere ablaze when they dropped their debut single and now album track, “In The Hall of the Hanging Serpents”, in mid-2022. Met with acclaim from both fans and media alike, the surprise track marked the exciting resurgence of these three renowned musicians, coming together as a new musical force after years of silence.  In 2023, the wait is finally over - DIETH returns with the release of their debut full-length via Napalm Records, entitled To Hell And Back, out June 2. Produced by DIETH with mixing and mastering by Tomasz Zed Zalewski at Zed Studios in Chechło, Poland, the album represents new beginnings - musically, lyrically and for the band members themselves. Weaving a sinister thread of unrelenting tech-steeped death metal, rapid thrash bangers and even boasting the first ever lead vocal performance by David Ellefson on a track, DIETH have pushed beyond the stereotypes of the members’ former genres to create an unexpected yet charismatic and dynamic new sonic footprint for the ages. Opening with an entrancing acoustic introduction, first track “To Hell And Back” quickly slams in with a punishing death metal attack, steered by commanding, guttural vocals. The palpable power of the tenacious trio is made immediately evident, with tight, diverse percussion attacks, deep, grooving bass, inventive, technical riffs, soaring solos and impassioned lyrical battle cries - proving that this is an extreme offering of inescapable magnitude. Tracks like “Dead Inside” and “Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!” showcase the thrash-infused side of DIETH, while death metal anthems such as “Wicked Disdain” and “The Mark of Cain” lean diabolical with hair-raising solos and breakneck paced rhythms backed by crushing walls of aggression. Standout “Free Us All” flirts with the record’s pace by blending winding passages and aggression with throwback bass-driven interludes with psychedelic production, followed by “Heavy Is The Crown” - a slow and low grinder featuring stoner metal groove, a swaying chorus and a blues-infused solo. Pensive, powerful ballad “Walk With Me Forever” showcases David Ellefson’s lead vocal performance debut, singing about the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on. Ending with intensely beautiful “Severance”, To Hell And Back proves that DIETH isn’t just another side project or “supergroup”, but rather the collective reincarnation of three renowned heavy metal forces who, by harnessing their own pain and conflict, have delivered an exciting next chapter no metal fan will want to miss!



Music Releases 06-09-23
Weathervanes [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Natural LP]
$29.98  29.98

A Jason Isbell record always lands like a decoder ring in the ears and hearts of his audience, a soundtrack to his world and magically to theirs, too. Weathervanes carries the same revelatory power. This is a storyteller at the peak of his craft, observing his fellow wanderers, looking inside and trying to understand, reducing a universe to four minutes. He shrinks life small enough to name the fear and then strip it away, helping his listeners make sense of how two plus two stops equaling four once you reach a certain age -- and carry a certain amount of scars.

“There is something about boundaries on this record,” Isbell says. “As you mature, you still attempt to keep the ability to love somebody fully and completely while you’re growing into an adult and learning how to love yourself.”

Weathervanes is a collection of grown-up songs: Songs about adult love, about change, about the danger of nostalgia and the interrogation of myths, about cruelty and regret and redemption. Life and death songs played for and by grown ass people. Some will make you cry alone in your car and others will make you sing along with thousands of strangers in a big summer pavilion, united in the great miracle of being alive. The record features the rolling thunder of Isbell’s fearsome 400 Unit, who’ve earned a place in the rock ‘n’ roll cosmos alongside the greatest backing ensembles, as powerful and essential to the storytelling as The E Street Band or the Wailers.

They make a big noise, as Isbell puts it, and he feels so comfortable letting them be a main prism through which much of the world hears his art. He can be private but with them behind him he transforms, and there is a version of himself that can only exist in their presence. When he plays a solo show, he is in charge of the entire complicated juggle. On stage with the 400 Unit, he can be a guitar hero when he wants, and a conductor when he wants, and a smiling fan of the majesty of his bandmates when he wants to hang back and listen to the sound.


The Show [LP]
$29.98  29.98

Niall Horan's `The Show' - his third solo album and first since 2020's chart-topping `Heartbreak Weather' - will be released on June 9, 2023. Preceded by its lead single "Heaven," the album matches the pure emotion of his globally beloved past work with a powerful new element of soul-searching reflection. Each vinyl copy of `The Show' includes a randomly selected print of a letter handwritten by Niall about a song from the album.


$oul $old $eparately [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Neon Yellow LP + Flexi Disc]
$31.98  31.98

A lot of people don’t realize that Freddie has actually been in the game for over a decade and came in on the same Freshman XXL cover as Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle etc…
Yet he was the only one with no major Label Backing or Artist Affiliation and his partnership with Warner is his very first solo Major Label deal.
With that being said, he feels as if he has made it thus far in his career without compromising his morals, Creative Integrity and Principals as a Man all while resisting temptations ….Hence the title “$oul $old $eparately."


Heaven Is A Junkyard [Ultra Clear LP]
$27.98  27.98
Girl with Fish [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Grey Galaxy LP]
$24.99  24.99

Pittsburgh, PA’s feeble little horse makes thrilling and wildly unpredictable songs that are a reflection of the joys that come with making music with your best friends. The band’s sophomore album was made focusing on intuition over intention: letting the magic of collaboration come first. “Anything that makes us laugh or puts a smile on our faces, we usually end up keeping in the songs,” explains drummer Jake Kelley. Across 11 self-recorded and self-produced tracks, the band careens from blissed-out pop to harsh noise, glitchy programmed drum beats, and off-kilter indie rock—sometimes all in one song. As a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2021 debut HaydayGirl with Fish, with its overwhelmingly inviting and emotionally resonant tracklist, is a document of four people trusting their instincts and most importantly each other.


Lost At Sea [LP]
$32.98  32.98

Rob Grant will release his debut album, Lost At Sea, on June 9, 2023. An accidental recording artist, Grant has never had a lesson on any instrument in his life, but when he sits down at a piano, something magical happens. Father of international icon Lana Del Rey, he enlisted an array of talent to contribute to the making of the album. Features and writing credits include Lana Del Rey, while production credits include Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk and Zach Dawes.



Music Releases 06-16-23
King of a Land [Green LP]
$29.98  29.98

‘King of a Land’ is an epic body of work. More than a decade in the making, its 12 new songs are full of extraordinary surprises. Unique and transportive, Yusuf’s new music, words and melodies paint a vivid picture of a world where childlike dreams are brought back into touching distance. His poetical storytelling invites the listener on a journey towards the gates of an alternative universe to that which we presently inhabit - where happy endings do happen.


Leroy Walks! (Contemporary Records Acoustic Sounds Series) [LP]
$29.98  29.98
This new pressing of bassist Leroy Vinnegar's first album as a leader Leroy Walks! Is released as part of Acoustic Sounds celebration of Contemporary Records. Originally released in 1958 the album sees Victor Feldman, Gerald Wilson, Teddy Edwards, Carl Perkins, and Tony Bazley joining Vinnegar. Recorded by Roy DuNann this edition is pressed on 180-gram vinyl pressed at QRP with (AAA) lacquers cut from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman and is presented in a tip-on jacket.  

High Top Mountain: 10 Year Anniversary Edition [Translucent Black LP]
$25.98  25.98

10 Year Anniversary Edition of Sturgill Simpson's debut album High Top Mountain. The anniversary edition includes an "Old King Coal" blacked out album cover with a glossy embossed jacket, and is pressed on translucent black vinyl. Sturgill Simpson's authenticity stands out like an island of hope in a sea of tacky. Pure and uncompromising, devoid of gloss and fakery. High Top Mountain’s dozen instant classics evoke the sound of timeless country in its many guises and brings back the lyrical forthrightness and depth that permeated the music Simpson absorbed during his Kentucky childhood. Bonafide mountain hillbilly soul, as pure as you are going to find anywhere.


Sugar The Bruise [LP]
$22.98  22.98

Music Releases 06-23-23
Emotionalism [RSD Essential Sea Glass Blue 2LP]
$39.99  39.99

RSD Essential 039 * The Avett Brothers' 2007 release "Emotionalism" is the album that caught the attention of legendary producer Rick Rubin and got him to sign the band to their first major studio. "Emotionalism" also was their first album to crack the charts. Full of new Folk, Blues and Bluegrass riffs for a modern world, it is a lively take on everything from romance to paranoia. Of course, they still kick in some solid Rock 'N' Roll for good measure.


Chris Black Changed My Life [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Ultra Clear LP]
$24.98  24.98

Produced by “The Great” Jeff Bhasker


Lost In Translation [LP]
$27.98  27.98

Alternative pop outfit Valley’s sophomore album, Lost In Translation, captures the band’s evolution over the past four years both sonically and emotionally as a group of friends grow through the unpredictability of navigating creative careers. Lead vocalist Rob Laska explains, “It’s a very ‘caught in a thought and seeking’ album. It’s honest, it’s confusing, it’s pop, it’s nostalgic, it’s black and white, its colorful, it’s unpredictable, it’s simple, it’s Valley, Lost In Translation.”


TRST [RSD Essential Indie Colorway Opaque Purple 2LP]
$34.99  34.99

Indie Exclusive * First time on colored vinyl * TRST, the debut self-titled record from Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, features tales of lust, wax, and erotomania carried along on a dense black vapor of speed, space and tears. TRST's "malevolent, sexy synth-pop" (Pitchfork) erupted out of Toronto's fertile underground music scene alongside darkwave contemporaries Crystal Castles and Austra. Lead by Alfons' otherworldly, gender-bending vocals and Postepski's genre-defying production, the album deftly moves across electronic pop, industrial, trance, and more. After two singles on Sacred Bones Records, TRST signed to Arts & Crafts for the album's release with accolades pouring in from outlets like NME, Pitchfork, and Under The Radar. To date, the album has sold 30,000 units in the US.


Yellow Peril [Limited Edition Green & Black Marble LP]
$22.98  22.98

A poet with a staggering and true voice, Korean-American troubadour Nat Myers' folksy blues and remarkable pickin' are authentic, timeless, and enduring. The Kenton County, KY native's delivery harkens to traditional blues giants, but it's his unique blend of modern roots and Americana that continues to make crowds drop their jaws. Recorded live at the 100-year-old-plus home of producer Dan Auerbach, the album is haunted with the ghosts of the rich history of the blues.


This Far South [LP]
$22.98  22.98

Tommy Prine’s debut album “This Far South'' coming June 23, 2023 is not only a long awaited introduction but a testimony to Prine’s 20’s and the loss, love, and growth that has defined them. Co-produced by close friend and kindred musical spirit, Ruston Kelly, and beloved Nashville engineer and producer, Gena Johnson, the album is rich and dynamic from cathartic jams to nostalgic storytelling.

It wasn’t until Prine reached his mid-twenties, though, that he considered a career of his own in music and began to share with others the songs he wrote in private. His songs were quickly met with excitement and enthusiasm, which sonically brings together a colorful patchwork of musical influences and lyrically explores existential questions and emotional experiences.

The album’s title track, “This Far South'' marks a turning point in Prine’s life as he found himself struggling to escape a dark, aimless period. He ultimately found the courage to act on choices that would see him to the other, brighter, side.

“There were several years where I felt without purpose, spent all my time partying, and just existing. I found myself at a fork in the road and chose the better path, and in that moment, I swore I would never be This Far South again.”

Grief is a major throughline of Prine’s current work.  In 2017, Prine lost his best friend to an overdose.

“Since then, I have lost some more friends and have others who are still navigating the ups and downs of struggles with drug abuse.”

His song, “Letter To My Brother”,  was written as a message to the friends he’s lost, those in Recovery, and to friends who are still struggling.

He still grapples with the passing of his father in April of 2020.  “The world lost one of the greatest songwriters of all time, but I lost my dad.”  Prine bears the loss of his father and the memories he carries for others on the track, “By The Way”.

“When I'm playing certain songs, I can literally look out in the crowd and tell who else has lost their dad,” he says. “I can immediately tell which people have experienced, specifically, losing their father. They'll come up and tell me afterwards, and I'll be like, ‘Yeah, like, I figured that this conversation was going to happen,’ because I could see their reaction. It’s been really powerful to see real-deal evidence that grief is a shared experience, and that suffering is a shared experience between humans.”

Prine capped off 2022 with his first solo tour across the United States. He was heavily involved with You Got Gold, an event series in Nashville honoring the life and songs of John Prine, and performed at AmericanaFest as an official showcasing artist.  He also debuted two original songs, “Ships in the Harbor” and “Turning Stones”.

“Ships in the Harbor” is a tender meditation on impermanence and change, with Prine communicating the universal experience of loss through poetic observations of the seemingly mundane.  The song found its way onto a series of editorial playlists including Spotify’s Fresh Folk playlist and Amazon’s Fresh Folk & Ameriana playlist.  It was also praised by a number of outlets including Billboard, Garden & Gun, and Saving Country Music who wrote, “With one song, Tommy Prine has already accomplished what many musicians and songwriters work their entire careers to accomplish, which is to make such an indelible emotional connection with an audience.”

This year, alongside his own runs of headline shows, Prine opened for Tyler Childer on his “Send In The Hounds Tour” in London.  He was also named one of Amazon Music’s 2023 Breakthrough Artists to Watch.

“I feel like I've learned more about myself in the last year and a half than I ever have in my life,” Prine says. “And I think that speaks a lot to doing something that I'm passionate about. I love and respect the craft. Just hitting the road and doing what so many people before me have done and will continue to do, it's really resonated with me. I think it's transformed me into the person that I am meant to be.”



Music Releases 06-30-23
Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane [LP]
$38.98  38.98
Regarded as one of the greatest jazz collaborations of all time, this new edition of “Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane” is release as part of the newly relaunched Original Jazz Classics Series. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI with all-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio it is presented in a Tip-On Jacket with obi. In addition to Monk and Coltrane the album also features the talents of Art Blakey (drums), Wilbur Ware (bass), Gigi Gryce (alto sax) and more.  


Music Releases 07-07-23
Solid Gold [LP]
$22.98  22.98

Solid Gold, the long-awaited solo debut album from acclaimed musician Miles Miller will be released July 7 via Thirty Tigers.

Produced by Sturgill Simpson, the album features twelve original songs and marks the first body of work released by Miller as a solo artist. The album was recorded over the course of three days in January 2022 in Nashville, TN.

Of the album, Miller shares, “Solid Gold is a love story, but about love being around and love leaving. It’s an entire story essentially about wanting to get back to the love you have, realizing you shouldn’t give it away, to love leaving, hitting the road because of it leaving, feeling love on the road, love from home, to realizing you need to keep walking and wish them well. It’s an album about the cycle of a love story that crumbles.”

Raised in central Kentucky, Miller has spent the better part of the past decade on the road as a drummer for artists including Sturgill Simpson and Town Mountain. In 2009, he was discovered by acclaimed producer Dave Cobb after playing drum covers on YouTube at the age of 16. While drumming and vocals are what he has been most noted for, playing guitar is his first love.

Spending time off of the road allowed him to hone in on his songwriting and it became clear that the time had come to step away from the drum kit and focus on his own artistic vision. This June, Miller will embark on a handful of dates supporting Tyler Childers. Additional tour dates to be announced.


Sing The Sorrow: 20th Anniversary [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Black & Red Pinwheel 2LP]
$44.99  44.99

- 20th Anniversary of the release of AFI's Platinum-certified 6th album.

- Only 20,000 copies were pressed on vinyl originally and demand for the title is extremely high and going for a lot of money online.

- One-Time-Pressing for this ThinkIndie Exclusive Edition.


Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump [2LP]
$34.98  34.98

Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump is the fifth studio album by de la Soul, released on August 8, 2000. Among the guests on the album are, Redman, Tash and J-Ro of Tha Liks, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, Mike D and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, Busy Bee, Freddie Foxxx and Chaka Khan. Mosaic Thump returned De La Soul to chart territory again thanks to the hit singles "Oooh.", and "All Good?". "Oooh" was nominated for a Source Award and the album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo or Group. * Black LP x 2, 140 gram vinyl (Remastered), printed inner sleeves


Dead Club City [Indie Exclusive limited Edition Milky Transparent LP]
$27.98  27.98

Nothing But Thieves will release their fourth studio album, ‘Dead Club City’ on July 7th. With socially insightful lyrics and an adept ability to progress their sound and experiment between the diverse genres that shape them as a band, Nothing But Thieves are making a statement return, marking an innovative new chapter with the release. A true concept album, the 11-track project showcases the band’s city-sized members only club ‘Dead Club City’. The album’s tracklist is formed by different characters and story arcs from in and around the city. Is it a shared consciousness? Another planet? The next corporate wasteland? Heaven? Or somewhere else? Using the club as a focal point, it is easy to imagine the real-world meaning behind Dead Club City. Themes such as advertisement, unity, internet culture, the music industry, aging and politics, as well as escapism and change are highlighted by the alienation or privilege of a members only club. Welcome to ‘Dead Club City’ and the new era of Nothing But Thieves.


I Want It All Right Now [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Baby Pink & White LP]
$29.98  29.98

"I Want It All Right Now" was produced by Grammy-winning producer John Congleton. They will be embarking on a North American stadium/arena tour with pop superstar P!nk. Los Angeles' Grouplove blend a quirky, '90s-style indie rock sensibility with a spirited, arena-ready roar. It's a sound they debuted on 2011's Never Trust a Happy Song, which spawned the number one Billboard Alternative Songs Chart hit "Tongue Tied." They have continued to straddle mainstream and indie success, playing festivals around the globe and remaining Top 20 Billboard Alternative chart regulars with albums like 2013's Spreading Rumours and 2020's Healer. In March 2021, Grouplove returned with their surprise fifth album, This Is This.