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The latest album from LAMB OF GOD comes out on June 19. The band has some opinions on where you should buy it. 

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Last year, when we first started talking with Brandi Carlile about serving as the Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador, we were touched by how enthusiastic she and her bandmates Tim and Phil were about taking the gig. So touched we wanted to do something nice for them. A gift of some kind. No better gift we thought than a giant crate full of t-shirts from record stores around the country.
Well, we've got proof they received and opened our giant present.
Thanks for showing off all those amazing shirts and thanks for helping us tell the world how great record stores are!

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Since 2008, Record Store Day has grown into the world’s largest single-day music event, shining a light on the culture of the indie record store across the globe. In 2020, that world is different, so Record Store Day will be too. RSD is now scheduled to be celebrated with special, properly distanced release dates on Saturdays in August, September and October.

Record Store Day will look very different this year, but supporting indie record stores may be more important than ever. We don't know what sort of rules will be in place, or what sort of gatherings people will be in the mood for this year, so we're focusing on the music and getting the really great titles on the RSD Official List this year into the stores and into your hands, in the most financially and socially responsible way.

The titles on the RSD 2020 Official List will be released at participating record stores on one of these three RSD Drops: August 29th, September 26th, or October 24th.   The new version of The List, with newly assigned RSD Drops dates for each title is below. You can choose to view the List on our website, with added detail and artwork, or you can print out a PDF that can be used as a wishlist or shopping guide.

RSD Drops - The List

Click For PDF    Click For Web


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Are you organizing your records while you're home spending time with them? Nicole Atkins is, now that her own new album ITALIAN ICE is finished.   Make sure to leave a space for it in your re-organized collection!

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They had big plans for a US tour and stopping to visit all their record store friends, but things have changed a little for Sleaford Mods. Their new album ALL THAT GLUE made it to all those record stores, though, and the best way to thank Sleaford Mods for using some of that glue (and their photoshop skills) on this happy little video would be to pick up or order that new record from your own local record store! 

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Magnolia Pictures has always released great music documentaries, and while we're all at home and not able to visit our record stores or local cinemas, they've decided those films may just be perfect for watching at home -- while still supporting our local spots!  Starting 5/15 and rotating every two weeks, you'll find a slate of three films that will entertain, educate and hit that musical sweet spot, available to rent through unique links at participating record stores.  Choose one, choose them all--on your schedule. Then check back for "new releases" in the next rotation!

Click Here to find a participating store and use their links this week to see:

Good Ol' Freda

GOOD OL' FREDA Freda Kelly was just a shy Liverpudlian teenager when she was asked to work for a local band hoping to make it big. Though she had no concept of how far they would go, Freda had faith in The Beatles from the beginning, and The Beatles had faith in her. Here, Freda tells her stories for the first time in 50 years. One of few films with the support of the living Beatles and featuring original Beatles music, the film offers an insider perspective on the beloved band that changed the music industry.

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Big Star

BIG STAR: NOTHING CAN HURT ME is a feature-length documentary about legendary Memphis band Big Star. While mainstream success eluded them, Big Star’s three albums have become critically lauded touchstones of the rock music canon. A seminal band in the history of alternative music, Big Star has been cited as an influence by artists including REM, The Replacements, Belle & Sebastian, Elliot Smith and Flaming Lips, to name just a few. With never-before-seen footage and photos of the band, in-depth interviews and a rousing musical tribute by the bands they inspired, BIG STAR: NOTHING CAN HURT ME is a story of artistic and musical salvation.

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Once We Were Brothers

ONCE WERE BROTHERS: ROBBIE ROBERTSON AND THE BAND is a confessional, cautionary, and occasionally humorous tale of Robertson’s young life and the creation of one of the most enduring groups in the history of popular music, The Band. The film is a moving story of Robertson’s personal journey, overcoming adversity and finding camaraderie alongside the four other men who would become his brothers in music, together making their mark on music history. ONCE WERE BROTHERS blends rare archival footage, photography, iconic songs and interviews with Robertson’s friends and collaborators including Martin Scorsese, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, and more.

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The world gets a dose of X on September 21 when the new album ALPHABETLAND hits record stores on CD, Vinyl and a special indie exclusive limited edition package with blue vinyl, a poster and a unique cover. Friend of Record Stores John Doe has something to say about it! 

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The new album from BJ Barham and the boys hits record stores on May 1 on CD, Vinyl and limited edition GREY vinyl, ONLY available at indie record stores...   to quote our favorite AA shirt: Shut Up And Listen To BJ Barham! 

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Oh, well this is a dream(sicle) come true! Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit have a new album coming, and it's coming even sooner if you're a record store shopper like Jason is. REUNIONS will be available at indie record stores starting May 8, one week before the regular street date! On CD, Vinyl and Limited Edition "Dreamsicle" colored vinyl.  Still time to pre-order, get in touch with your favorite record store or find one here. 400 Thanks 2 U, 400 Unit! 

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Behind The Counter is a brand new 12-part video series taking you inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record stores of the US. Behind The Counter is brought to you by Classic Album Sundays, Dogfish Head Craft Beer and Record Store Day. A new episode will be released every Monday and Thursday leading up to Record Store Day 2020. Follow on social media or right here to get to know some record stores! 

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 11: The Telegraph
Today we meet Rich Martin owner of The Telegraph in New London “I think people prefer record shopping, I think streaming is an important way of discovering music. But, they still want to feel something physical, they want to engage with their community and other people who love music and they come to a record store and they get all of that.”

Click "Read More" to see Previous episodes

ABOUT CLASSIC ALBUM SUNDAYS Classic Album Sundays tells the stories behind the albums that have shaped our culture and in some cases, our lives. With satellites in four continents, Classic Album Sundays hosts live artist interviews and album listening sessions that truly submerge fans into the music, as our world-class sound systems allow the listener to experience the album the way in which the artist intended. Featuring the gamut of sounds from rock to electronic to jazz to soul, the website is an online hub for classic albums and artists featuring interviews with musicians, producers and DJs, podcasts, playlists, album blogs and tickets like for our worldwide events. Join the community in your country and make some time in your life to remember why you love music!
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Lucinda Williams has announced a new album-- GOOD SOULS BETTER ANGELS and it's available to pre-order right now. Pre-order it from a record store, email your order confirmation to and you'll get instant digital access to 5 tracks from the vinyl release! PRE-ORDER AT YOUR FRIENDLY LOCAL STORE OR FIND ONE HERE

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Pokey LaFarge

We agree with Pokey--now's the time to support a record store online! Something to put in your shopping cart? How about Pokey's brand new album ROCK BOTTOM RHAPSODY on CD, Vinyl and limited edition Inde Exclusive Pink vinyl

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Rob Halford


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The "sweet" new album from Brian Fallon, leader of The Gaslight Anthem, is in record stores now. Check your local store for your shopping options! 

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Craig Finn has a double album coming out on Record Store Day at record stores, but like most of us, he's got a few other things he's looking to get as a record store shopper. 
Check out Craig's list of top five, and then list yours on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MyRSD5  Our guess is that Craig's ALL THESE PERFECT CROSSES shows up on a bunch of them! 
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The only kind of "Infectious" we REALLY want to be talking about are GROOVES! We're thrilled that Friend Of Record Stores Robert Trujillo is bringing Infectious Grooves back, and that they're gonna TAKE YOU ON A RIDE this June when their new 12" release comes to record stores as part of Record Store Day June 20.  (Special news for those of celebrating Disquaire Day in France: INFECTIOUS GROOVES live at Hellfest on June 20!) 

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Once again our friends at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are bringing the Official Poster of Record Store Day. This year's image was created by their 2020 Art Series artist Dan Stiles, who is creating amazing artwork for four of their Art Series beers. He's designed for Muse, Major Lazer, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Guided By Voices and more... so we think his work is right at home in a record store or at home with you and your record collection!

Normally, these posters are given away at record stores--they come as part of the Party In A Box kit that some record stores bring in. This year, because there is no single big party day, the poster will be available at participating stores on one of the RSD Drops dates. We're still working out which one so follow Record Store Day and Dogfish Head on social media to find out, and find even more ways to get your hands on the limited edition beauty. 
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Brandi Carlile's career has woven through record stores since the beginning, and record stores could not have a greater set of cheerleaders than she and "the Twins" to be taking the mantle of Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador. 
Get a sneak peek into Brandi's record collection (and the cozy place where the musical magic happens!) in her official Ambassador Announcement video!
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In 2020, we celebrate the 75th birthday of the man who has dominated the world of music like no other: Bob Marley. Look for special remembrances and releases throughout the year, and we kick it off with a brand new video for his classic "Redemption Song". Inspired by a Marcus Garvey speech, this iconic Marley track celebrates its own forty year anniversary this October. 

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RSD3 Magic

The RSD3 is going to feature a little cartoon magic on RSD Black Friday as each of these releases below will be available for you to give a little spin. Make sure you visit your local record store to grab some magic!

STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE True Kinda Love feat. Estelle & Zach Callison

STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE True Kinda Love feat. Estelle & Zach Callison
Steven Universe The Movie debuted earlier this year with a historic performance across all platforms. Fans can relive the movie musical this month with a DVD release, the release of the soundtrack—which featured collaborations with an all-star lineup of multiple award-winning artists including Chance The Rapper, Estelle, Patti LuPone, Uzo Aduba, Gallant, and Aimee Mann among others—on vinyl, and with the RSD Black Friday release of this 3” single.


A Charlie Brown Christmas, certified 4X Platinum by the RIAA in 2016, is one of the best-selling jazz albums in history and it’s no surprise: Guaraldi’s engaging score for the synonymous holiday television special has introduced generations of children and their parents to the joys of jazz music, with tracks like the instantly recognizable “Linus and Lucy,” and yuletide favorite “Christmas Time Is Here.” The album was inducted into the GRAMMY® Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry five years later, and continues to be a perennial favorite, thanks to annual airings of the Christmas TV special.

Made to play on the RSD3 mini-turntable, the RSD3 A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS “BLIND BOX” series comes in an outer box that reproduces the original 12” album art, and includes one of four songs:“Christmas Time is Here (Vocal),” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “Linus and Lucy” and “Skating.”  Each track comes with its own unique pull-out poster.

Each 3" single in A Charlie Brown Christmas Blind Box Series will include ONE of these songs: 

VINCE GUARALDI TRIO "Christmastime is Here"
VINCE GUARALDI TRIO "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" 

Lea Salonga and Brad Kane - A Whole New World  Ernie Sabella, Joseph Williams, Kristle Edwards, Nathan Lane and Sally Dworsky - Can You Feel The Love Tonight  Jodi Benson - Part Of Your World  Randy Newman - You've Got A Friend In Me

LEA SALONGA AND BRAD KANE "A Whole New World" 3" RSD3 Single

A song from the Disney animated film Aladdin, pressed on 3" vinyl for play on the RSD3 mini-turntable. One of four in a series of classic Disney/Pixar songs on 3" vinyl for RSD Black Friday.
"A Whole New World"

A song from the Disney animated film The Lion King, pressed on 3" vinyl for play on the RSD3 mini-turntable. One of four in a series of classic Disney/Pixar songs on 3" vinyl for RSD Black Friday.
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

JODI BENSON "Part Of Your World" 3" RSD3 Single
A song from the Disney animated film The Little Mermaid, pressed on 3" vinyl for play on the RSD3 mini-turntable. One of four in a series of classic Disney/Pixar songs on 3" vinyl for RSD Black Friday.
"Part Of Your World"

RANDY NEWMAN "You've Got A Friend In Me " 3" RSD3 Single
A song from the Pixar animated film Toy Story, pressed on 3" vinyl for play on the RSD3 mini-turntable. One of four in a series of classic Disney/Pixar songs on 3" vinyl for RSD Black Friday.
"You've Got A Friend In Me"

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New episodes every other Tuesday, featuring Paul Myers in conversation with musicians, producers, record store folks and regular people like you and we, who love records and the brick and mortar stores that sell them. Wherever you get your podcasts. FIRST EPISODE UP NOW FEATURING TONY VISCONTI, Legendary producer of such folks as David Bowie, T Rex and more! 

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In 1952, Sam Phillips founded the legendary Sun Record Company and throughout the '50s changed the course of music with artists like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. In 1969, Shelby Singleton, a music executive who, with his brother John, ran a stable of labels in Nashville, took ownership of Sun. The Singleton family continues to guide the legacy of Sun Record Company to this day.

To mark the golden anniversary of Sun Record Company's move to Nashville with the Singletons, we're happy to present this RSD3 special collection of iconic tracks from the Sun vault, sized just right for a hit of rock 'n' roll!

Each release in this 3” series for the RSD3 mini-turntable comes with a collectible fold-out poster, and showcases four of the most iconic names in the Sun Record Company catalog, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Roy Orbison.

For more info on these Sun RSD3 releases, and all the titles in the 3" catalog see

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Time to add to your collection or start a new one. Short sleeves or a little warmer. This and more when you Shop RSD

RSD 2018 Hoodie  RSD 2018 T-Shirt

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We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the lists of past Record Store Day releases, and we’re happy to announce our HISTORY section, where those lists from2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Record Store Day and Back to Black Friday live. (We’re working on older lists, and we’ll get them up there as we get them completed.)

Click here for the RSD Archives 

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Sometimes there are little bonuses for buying your records at a brick and mortar record store! These special things are available at participating stores, with the purchase of specific records, while they last. (DISCLAIMER)


While they last, at participating indie record stores, get an AUTOGRAPHED 5 Seconds of Summer lithograph with purchase of the new 5SoS album YOUNGBLOOD on CD and Deluxe CD  now!   (DISCLAIMER)


Laura Marling - Free Tote

STREET DATE 3/10 LAURA MARLING  This tote bag is available while they last, when you buy the new record SEMPER FEMINA(DISCLAIMER)


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Free Poster

STREET DATE 3/31 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS  A silvery poster seems just right to commemorate the DVD/BLURAY release of ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, a film about the recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' latest record. (DISCLAIMER)


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