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Behind The Counter US '21

‘I really like it in recordings when artists hide little things in their music.’

This week in #BehindTheCounter US, Dan from @Seasickbham in Birmingham, Alabama discusses discovering details on a record you didn’t know were there. Presented with Classic Album Sundays

Behind The Counter is a 12 part video series that tells the stories behind the wonderful world of independent record stores. 

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OPEN DOORS is a series of short documentaries taking us through the doors of Black-owned record stores across the US and introducing us to the people who work, shop and make those stores a community.  VANS and Record Store Day have partnered to tell and uplift the story of five stores across the country.

OPEN DOORS Ep. 3 features Tobago from DBS Sounds 


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Last year Classic Album Sundays brought their Behind The Counter series to the US, and we're happy to say they're back to go behind the counters of 12 more indie record stores in the US! Watch this trailer to see just what's in store when the first episode comes out next Thursday! 

Revisit the record stores of Behind The Counter Series 1

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Things are improving but in this continued “unprecedented global situation”, where production and shipping is still in a state of struggle, the focus of these two Drops dates is on bringing revenue to the stores-- as well as to the artists, labels, distribution and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work, in a fiscally and socially responsible way. The spread of titles over two dates in two months allows some flexibility for the struggling vinyl pressing plants and distribution companies as well as provide stores time to prepare budgets and place the orders that safely get music into the hands of customers on a larger than normal release day.

The titles on the RSD 2021 Official List will be released at participating record stores on one of these RSD Drop dates: June 12 and July 17.  There is one List, with titles broken out for each date.  You can choose to view the List on our website, with added detail and artwork, or you can print out a PDF that can be used as a wishlist or shopping guide.

The List of special releases is below, in a WEBSITE form where you can search and get more information, and a PDF that you can print out and use as a Wish List or Shopping Guide.

RSD Drops - The List


Click For Web List

Click For PDF


There are three categories on our List:

EXCLUSIVES: These titles are physically released only at indie record stores.

RSD FIRST: These titles are found first at indie record stores but may be released to other retailers or webstores at some point in the future.

SMALL RUN/REGIONAL TITLES: These titles are either regionally based and sold at specific stores, or are press runs under 1000, which means they may be harder to find at record stores around the country. The majority of the titles on this section of the List are Small Run titles; any title that's regionally based and most likely to be found at specific stores will have that called out in the description, which can be found on the web-based version of the List. 

Things to know and remember:

*Record Store Day does not give or sell the releases to participating stores. Each indie record store makes their own buying decisions and may choose to bring in some titles and not others.

*The titles on the List are limited in number, as are most things created for special time periods or exclusive to certain retailers. This means a store may not get all copies they wanted or that a store may sell out of a release before you are able to purchase it. (NOTE: This is the US website for Record Store Day. The pressing runs listed on our site are the number available in the US.  Worldwide numbers are sometimes found in the description of a specific title, when we are given that information.)

* As we said above, this is the US website, and the titles listed here are offered to US record stores. Many other countries participate in Record Store Day and RSD Drops  and many record stores in those countries may have some of these releases. Check with your local record store if you’re not in the US. (NOTE: for all kinds of reasons, some titles may be offered and available in some countries but not others. Record Store Day has no control over that.)

*The List of titles may change. Titles may be added, titles may drop off, information may be amended. Record Store Day does not own or produce the releases (with the exception of those we create ourselves.) The information on each title has been provided to us by labels and distributors and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

*Speaking of changes: everyone is still going through them right now, including your local record store employees. They are doing everything they can to get you the titles you want, but some things, like pressing plant emergency quarantines, or part-time new shipping facility workers learning from their mistakes or a boat blocking the Suez canal, are beyond their control and LEGITIMATELY MAY AFFECT THEIR ABILITY TO GET YOU YOUR RECORDS. Let’s all be nice and patient and understanding, especially if we’re talking about Days or titles meant to celebrate and support indie record stores. 

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Parker's new album BE HERE INSTEAD is out now, and Parker's got a pretty great idea about where you should gets yours!

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The role of Record Store Day Ambassador has been filled by a lot of people over the past decade (see the complete list HERE!) but when it comes to one important criteria point, this year's may be the most qualified candidate ever: do they genuinely love record stores?

This year's musician/comedian/actor/writer/late-night-talk-show-bandleader is a definite fan, and it's not just the string of record store performances going back years that confirm it. We'll let the RSD 2021 Ambassador speak for themselves as they tell you about their history with record stores, and the records they sell. (And yes! His name is going to be on one of the brand new records you can take home from a record store starting on July 17 as part of RSD Drops:  a new EP from RSD 2021 AMBASSADOR FRED ARMISEN, produced by Ty Segall! More on that and all the other titles coming soon!) 

I am honored and so excited to be the Record Store Ambassador for 2021.

I've been completely lost in records for most of my life. They have defined the way I see the world and how I remember different years in the past. When I was a kid, I wasn't interested in sports or comic books. Just records. I must have been nine years old or something when my parents first started buying me albums. We were living in Rio de Janeiro, and I just assumed that all Beatles (and solo) records had Portuguese writing on the back covers. When we moved back to suburban New York, I moved on to buying them with my own money at department stores, or places like Sam Goody. As a teenager, I'd take the Long Island Railroad with my friend Kenny to go record shopping in the Village. Golden Disc, Record Runner, and Bleecker Bob's were a few of my favorites. We would focus on getting as many punk albums as we could find. British imports were especially meaningful to us. The same goes for picture discs and those gatefold single/EPs. Eventually, a store opened in Valley Stream: Slipped Disc.

As I moved to different cities throughout my life, I never stopped collecting records. That also goes for CDs. When my band would tour in ‘90s, I remember we set aside part of our budget for when we played in San Francisco to go shopping at Amoeba. On paper we couldn't afford it, but it was a necessity. I almost started listing some of what I was into, but that would just seem endless. I'm guessing all record collectors have a similar experience with lists and memories.

I’ve always loved Record Store Day. I've driven around LA on some RSDs, trying to buy whatever exclusive releases were on display. Often it was something I'd never heard of, but the cover looked cool. The idea behind those exclusives actually worked on me: A way to discover music I wasn't aware of.

Whenever I travel to a different city, I make it a priority to visit at least one local record store. I feel like I haven’t truly been to a place until I’ve done a little record shopping there. I try to keep it light so that my luggage doesn’t get too heavy, but I don’t always succeed at that. On one recent trip to Australia, I bought so many records that I had to buy one of those flight cases that DJs use.

I am so happy when I’m in a record store. It’s a time when I’m not thinking about having to be anywhere else. Sometimes there’s also a little bit of anxiety attached to record shopping. Will I remember every title I’ve been searching for? Is there a more comprehensive version of this reissue I’m looking at? Have I gone to the section of music I need to learn more about? Will all of these records fit in my bag? Why am I pretending that I don’t already have this Captain Sensible album I am getting?

I’ve tried to support record stores as much as possible while they’ve been temporarily closed. I hope you can do the same. I really can’t wait to get back to shopping in person. Really, I try to make every day a Record Store Day.

--Fred Armisen, 2021

photo via @amoebahollywood

photo via @amoebahollywood

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SONGS FOR YOU Vol.1 and Vol.2

We're teaming up with Vans to kick off a compilation series called SONGS FOR YOU, which brings together tracks from Black artists past and present, across a lot of genres, and benefits Black-owned record stores across the US.  With cover art from emerging visual artist Aamba Chavis and music from the artists in that impressive list below, you can get your copy of the limited edition compilation albums as part of Record Store Day 2021. 

Featuring music from 6lack, Black Thought, Cautious Clay, Common, Duckwrth, Lupe Fiasco, Roberta Flack, Nubya Garcia, Freddie Gibbs, H.E.R., Amber Mark, Curtis Mayfield, Keb’ Mo’, Otis Redding, Run The Jewels, Pop Smoke, Esperanza Spalding, Tank and The Bangas, and Summer Walker.

Vol 1  Vol 2

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While we're still all talking about the LAST musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Nathaniel Rateliff is getting ready for his own appearance, and we hope that's a SMASH as well! Nathaniel's album And It's Still Alright is in record stores on CD and this pretty vinyl

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Coming to record stores starting Friday February 5 (CD, LP, Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue LP]

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Machine Gun Kelly's DOWNFALLS HIGH

Every generation needs its Grease (2!) fun and Machine Gun Kelly's DOWNFALLS HIGH may just fit the bill! A full length musical ride with live performances available to watch on Facebook and everywhere else soon!  

Machine Gun Kelly's TICKETS TO MY DOWNFALL is in record stores on CD and Vinyl, too. 
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WE ARE: Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste is everywhere this year, and he's also in record stores. His special purple vinyl EP of new music is coming as part of RSD Black Friday on November 27.  (Find more information on this and other titles coming to record stores HERE

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AC/DC is back in record stores, and there's a limited edition Litho at participating stores as a little extra incentive. (DISCLAIMER

AC/DC Free Poster

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The latest album from Brothers Osborne arrives on bone-white vinyl in record stores, and this limited edition indie exclusive version has a rad slipmat as well. Even the Brothers stopped by their local record store to pick up a copy, and of course, spent some quality time in the racks. 

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Paul returns with the third in a trilogy of solo albums on December 11. Pre-order the CD, Vinyl or Limited Edition Indie Record Store Version with a call or visit to your local record store or HERE

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Behind The Counter is a brand new 12-part video series taking you inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record stores of the US. Behind The Counter is brought to you by Classic Album Sundays, Dogfish Head Craft Beer and Record Store Day. A new episode will be released every Monday and Thursday leading up to Record Store Day 2020. Follow on social media or right here to get to know some record stores! 

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 11: The Telegraph
Today we meet Rich Martin owner of The Telegraph in New London “I think people prefer record shopping, I think streaming is an important way of discovering music. But, they still want to feel something physical, they want to engage with their community and other people who love music and they come to a record store and they get all of that.”

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ABOUT CLASSIC ALBUM SUNDAYS Classic Album Sundays tells the stories behind the albums that have shaped our culture and in some cases, our lives. With satellites in four continents, Classic Album Sundays hosts live artist interviews and album listening sessions that truly submerge fans into the music, as our world-class sound systems allow the listener to experience the album the way in which the artist intended. Featuring the gamut of sounds from rock to electronic to jazz to soul, the website is an online hub for classic albums and artists featuring interviews with musicians, producers and DJs, podcasts, playlists, album blogs and tickets like for our worldwide events. Join the community in your country and make some time in your life to remember why you love music!
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This CLEARly special version of the RSD3 mini-turntable is in record stores now--but there's only a 1000 of them there, so you better act fast!  The #RSD2020 tiny turntable spins all the 3" singles you love, and even comes with two new ones -- colored singles of Post Malone tracks "Goodbyes" and "Saint Tropez" are right in the package! 
Check with your local record store, and when you pick one up, be sure to sign up for the RSD3 email list, to find out first when new 3" singles are spinning into sight! 
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New episodes every other Tuesday, featuring Paul Myers in conversation with musicians, producers, record store folks and regular people like you and we, who love records and the brick and mortar stores that sell them. Wherever you get your podcasts. FIRST EPISODE UP NOW FEATURING TONY VISCONTI, Legendary producer of such folks as David Bowie, T Rex and more! 

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Time to add to your collection or start a new one. Short sleeves or a little warmer. This and more when you Shop RSD

RSD 2018 Hoodie  RSD 2018 T-Shirt

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We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the lists of past Record Store Day releases, and we’re happy to announce our HISTORY section, where those lists from2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Record Store Day and Back to Black Friday live. (We’re working on older lists, and we’ll get them up there as we get them completed.)

Click here for the RSD Archives 

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Sometimes there are little bonuses for buying your records at a brick and mortar record store! These special things are available at participating stores, with the purchase of specific records, while they last. (DISCLAIMER)


While they last, at participating indie record stores, get an AUTOGRAPHED 5 Seconds of Summer lithograph with purchase of the new 5SoS album YOUNGBLOOD on CD and Deluxe CD  now!   (DISCLAIMER)


Laura Marling - Free Tote

STREET DATE 3/10 LAURA MARLING  This tote bag is available while they last, when you buy the new record SEMPER FEMINA(DISCLAIMER)


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Free Poster

STREET DATE 3/31 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS  A silvery poster seems just right to commemorate the DVD/BLURAY release of ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, a film about the recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' latest record. (DISCLAIMER)


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