Vinyl Club Lviv - Ukraine

Vinyl Club Lviv - Ukraine
On our website, we list stores all over the world, and there are eight listings for stores in Ukraine. Seven in Kyiv, and recently, we got an email from Yuliia at Вініл Клуб (Vinyl Club Lviv), the lone store in Lviv.  She asked if there was any way we could help let other record stores, their customers and others who just love vinyl as much as they do know about them.  We asked her to tell us what she'd like to say, what it means to be a record store in Ukraine, before February 24 and after. We asked her to let us know what others can do to help.  We told her we'd pass it on.
She did. We are.

TL:DR  The people in the world of record stores in Ukraine are just like the people in the world of your record store, except where they hold their festivals is being shelled, and their employees, customers and musicians are now soldiers.
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It’s been more than a month since the full-scale war in Ukraine started. In Ukraine we say that everyone here is fighting in their own way, and as a vinyl shop in Lviv we’ve felt it every day since February 24th. On the first day of war all of us woke up shocked and for a few days it seemed that our lives and our routines were now destroyed forever. Nobody was really prepared or knew how to act at first, but very soon we mobilized. Not just militarily, but mentally. In times like this it is hard to imagine how businesses like ours exist. We are here to tell you about Ukrainian music and how Ukrainian vinyl shops fight for Ukrainian freedom and share Ukrainian culture with the world.

We are the team of Vinyl Club, the only vinyl-selling business in Lviv, that has been representing vinyl culture for almost five years now. Vinyl is, and has been a huge part of our lives. For a long time vinyl was the only sound carrier that allowed people to listen to true Ukrainian music, while our country was under the rule of the USSR. Funk bands of the ‘70s truly transformed our music, using traditional Ukrainian music motifs in their own unique way, creating one of the many generations of people fighting for their uniqueness. Just talking about some of these bands and this period in Ukrainian history could take up many articles, so instead of reading about it we recommend for you to watch the genius movie Mustache Funk, that tells this story perfectly: 

Considering our history and our love for music and vinyl we decided to open a cozy and modern shop in the center of Lviv. We have been popularizing and actualizing vinyl ever since. We are constantly working on providing the newest releases and the best sound for our customers. It is not easy, as there are no vinyl factories in Ukraine (we’re hoping there will be at least one, one day) and Ukrainian artists find it prestigious to release vinyl, but often can’t. They have to press them in the US and Europe, which limits the Ukrainian vinyl market a lot, even though there is a large demand among Ukrainians to listen to Ukrainian music on vinyl. But still, since we opened, we’ve shared our passion with many people and are continuing to share it today.

We are not only a shop. Since the day of our opening, we’ve been building a community, a club. Vinyl Club is one of the organizers of a large festival: Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival  that grows its audience of audiophiles every year. We are also a constant participant of one of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe - Leopolis Jazz Fest that annually hosts talented musicians from all over the world. We have a personal contact with many Ukrainian artists, they often come to our shops to meet up with their fans or just to browse through our vinyl records and listen to them in our listening room. We host events, lectures about music, markets because we know that music is an integral part of our culture and we want to talk about it as much as possible.

Our community has transformed since February 24th. On a larger scale, and in the smallest details. Everyone in our team started volunteering in different ways, to be a strong rear for our courageous warriors. Soon, we understood that by getting back to work in our shop we can also be useful in this war. We can support our economy and support our people and use our informational resources to share our voice. Which is exactly what we are doing now.

We are proud to have gained a lot of international support. We have friends and business partners all over the world and they have supported us both with their words and their actions. We have managed to urge one of the turntable brands that we represent – Crosley--to leave Russian market. We have had many other vinyl shops reach out to us and offer their donations. We are incredibly grateful, but we still think that we can do more and spread more awareness around our war.

We are open. We are working. We know that many people now are finding solace in music. We are organizing fundraising events to raise money for our army and we are working on many projects about sharing our music, our history, our culture.

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