“Godfathers acts as a dynamic, crucial companion piece to American Hardcore, The Decline of Western Civilization and other films chronicling the evolution of Eighties punk.” - Rolling Stone

Here at RSD HQ we love music, of course, and we’re also big fans of movies about music and there have been some fine ones. One we’re excited about right now is The Godfathers of Hardcore, and one of the reasons we’re excited is that it’s the Official Film of Record Store Day 2018.

Filmmaker Ian McFarland tells the story of Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma, and their band Agnostic Front, past and present. Who are these New York Hardcore (NYHC) lynchpins and how could a band who played a key role in the creation and definition of a scene remain relevant and influential nearly thirty years later? Part of their tremendous impact and appeal is due to the tight and sometimes bizarre friendship between Roger and Vinnie, two strong but very different individuals, whose iconoclastic personalities perfectly complement one another. Today, Roger, 53, and Vinnie, 62, continue to release music filled with integrity and authenticity on a regular basis while playing over 100 shows a year, including numerous hardcore and European festivals. They remain the very embodiment of hardcore, representing endurance, perseverance, brotherhood, strength against oppression and the will to keep going, obstacles be damned. Agnostic Front exists on a level all their own—a level of their own creation.

For Record Store Day 2018, a special vinyl edition of Aaron Drake’s film score, packaged in a gatefold sleeve and with a poster, will be released in indie record stores. 

THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE is screening now at film festivals and venues across the country. Check out the list below or and check back often for details on additional screenings and upcoming events at record stores.

3/7 Atlanta Screening (The Plaza Theater) 
3/15 Seymour, CT Screening (The Strand)
4/7 Florida Film Festival
4/13 Florida Film Festival
4/13 Phoenix Film Festival
4/14 Phoenix Film Festival
5/27 Punk Rock Bowling, Las Vegas