The list of titles being released ONLY AT RECORD STORES is only a click away, in TWO versions: A handy PDF that you can use as a shopping/wish list and a page with search options and a Pull Down menu with more detail and artwork.  These are the pieces that will be released at REAL LIVE RECORD STORES on April 21

Keep in mind that things change OFTEN in this world of manufacturing, shipping and selling records, and we’ll be making changes to the list when that happens. Fixes, tweaks, new descriptions, additions and cancellations as they happen. Life is fluid, and so is the List. We're all going with the flow. 

*There are three categories on this list. These are them:  
RECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE RELEASES. Exclusively available on Record Store Day at Record Store Day participating stores. Will not be available anywhere else in the same format.  

RECORD STORE DAY LIMITED RUN/REGIONAL FOCUS RELEASES. Also exclusively available on Record Store Day at Record Store Day participating stores, but may not be distributed nationally, or the quantities of these titles are EXTREMELY limited. 1000 and under and WAY under 1000 in some cases. We felt it was only right to put them on a special sub-list, so that everyone is clear on the odds. 

RECORD STORE DAY FIRST RELEASE.  These are titles that you can find on Record Store Day at Record Store Day participating stores. So if you’re a fan of the artist, you get first listen. At some point in the future, generally four to six weeks, these titles will be available at other retailers. 

*There is chatter in the world about other titles that may not be on the list. These may be things that have a 4/20 or 4/21 street date, but are not RSD releases, for whatever reason. Something you want not on this list, but you know for sure it’s coming out? If yes, are you going to buy it at an indie record store? If yes, awesome.

*We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. It’s always a good idea to be BFFs with your neighborhood record store and let them know what you might be looking for. They can’t guarantee you will walk out with what you want, but it’s a good place to start. ALL STORES MAY NOT ORDER ALL RELEASES. ALL STORES MAY NOT GET EVERYTHING THEY ORDER. Record Store Day titles are limited for a number of reasons, and all in all, that’s a good thing. But please bear that in mind when you find something isn’t available.  The whole point of this crazy "holiday" is to celebrate the record store, and if you're there with that spirit in mind, we thank you. If you didn't get something you were looking to get, we apologize and hope that someday it finds its way into your collection. Please be civil and nice to the humans around you no matter what. 

*You may notice that the artwork for these titles is watermarked this year. That's a small attempt to take a swipe out of the advance auction site market. When you see a title listed on an auction site before RSD, it's almost CERTAINLY someone who has listed something they do not have in hand, and can't guarantee they will have in hand, because they're going out to a store to try and get it on 4/21 like everyone else. They call it a "pre-order" but since they're not getting distributed to, it's not a pre-order. It's more like a scam, really. We work very hard to investigate the listings and in the tiny percentage of the time over the past ten years that it has been a store behind it, there have been serious implications for that store. It is almost always someone taking advantage of the excitement of Record Store Day and the releases. Which is the same thing that happens when a cool shoe, car, dress, cookie or anything else is released. We may not stop it altogether, but we can make it a little harder for them. Thus, the watermarked art.  

We don’t control what gets released in which countries. Someday, every release will be available everywhere without issues (we hope!) but that day’s not today. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the Record Store Day sites in other countries. They may or may not have their lists up yet.