Behind The Counter is a brand new 12-part video series taking you inside the weird and wonderful world of independent record stores of the US. Behind The Counter is brought to you by Classic Album Sundays, Dogfish Head Craft Beer and Record Store Day. A new episode will be released every Monday and Thursday leading up to Record Store Day 2020. Follow on social media or right here to get to know some record stores! 

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 11: The Telegraph
Today we meet Rich Martin owner of The Telegraph in New London “I think people prefer record shopping, I think streaming is an important way of discovering music. But, they still want to feel something physical, they want to engage with their community and other people who love music and they come to a record store and they get all of that.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 10: Extended Play
Today we meet Jackson Beckner and Steve Fallon from Extended Play in Delaware “It’s a lot easier to talk to someone and get a recommendation on something that it is to go online and ‘I’m looking for this record and they don’t have it’ and that’s the end of my search. Where as if you go into a record store it’s like, ‘I’m looking for this record’, you might like this or this or this. Point you in a direction you may never have gone.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 9: Pure Pop
Today we meet Pure Pop Records owner Mike Crandall “You walk in and you see the new release rack, it’s not going to be just like, a bunch of stuff, some corporate person said you should like, no no, this is the stuff this community likes and that’s why it’s on the new release wall”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 8: Newbuty Comics
Today we meet Newbury Comics’ Marianne Murphy and Laura Espinola. “My favourite thing about working here is definitely customer related. Meeting new people that have similar interests that I do and getting to know a lot more about them, you just never know what’s going to happen.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 7: Vintage Vinyl
Today we meet Vintage Vinyl Records founder Rob Roth “Having a physical piece of music whether it’s a CD or it’s vinyl, you could become emotionally attached to something that, you can hold in your hand.“

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 6: Main Street Music
Today we meet Main Street Music founder Pat Feeney “I think out store definitely creates a community and I think that’s one of its most endearing traits.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 5: Gallery Of Sound
Here we meet Gallery Of Sound owner Joe Nardone Jr. “We’re a local business,  it’s a family owned business, you know, the money stays in the community. That’s something that we’re proud of and something we hang our hat on.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 4: Songbyrd Record Cafe and Music House

Here we meet Songbyrd co-owner Joe Lapan. “I think like to come here to spend time in the space, in the environment and around our staff and around other music fans. I think people are looking for that more than just you know, clicking a button to buy their record.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 3: The Sound Garden, Baltimore 
This time we meet Bryan Burkert from The Sound Garden in Baltimore. “I think it’s one of the only places in the city where you’re guaranteed to see everybody from the city. It’s a community and we’re part of the community. That to me, is the most important part of the store.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 2: Rough Trade, NYC 
This time we meet George Flanagan from Rough Trade in Brooklyn. “There’s nothing better than putting on an album you love and having someone respond to it and come up and buy a copy. It’s just instant gratification, it’s work, but it barely feels like it.”

BEHIND THE COUNTER Episode 1: The Records Archive, Rochester
In the first episode we get to know Margaret Storms from Record Archive in Rochester “Getting to play a record is like a really special experience, you’re bonding with the music in physical sense, versus just you know, throwing a playlist on and walking away.”

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