Behind The Counter is a 12 part video series that tells the stories behind the wonderful world of independent record stores.

Behind The Counter US '21: Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo, CA (Episode 12)

This week's video takes us Behind The Counter at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, California! 

Behind The Counter US '21: Dusty Groove, Chicago, IL TX (Episode 11)

This week's episode goes behind the counter at Dusty Groove. “If somebody walks into a record store, one of the greatest things that can happen to them is they’re going to hear a record that’s going to knock ‘em on their ass!” --Rick Wojcik

Behind The Counter US '21: Serious Sounds, Houston TX (Episode 10)

This week’s episode features Serious Sounds Record Store in Houston. “I am the only black record store left in Houston Texas and to run into the record store on a Saturday morning and run into somebody that you haven’t seen since high school and then reminisce over an old Al Green, it’s absolute community.” Marketta Rodriguez


Behind The Counter US '21: Mills Record Company, Kansas City KS (Episode 9)

“Music sets the mood. That’s why everyone likes music to begin with. What music we choose to listen to is always very well considered because it completely sets the vibe and mood of the store.” --Judy Mills


Behind The Counter US '21: Indy CD & Vinyl, Indianapolis IN (Episode 8)

“The first time we got a really nice record player hooked up and we put on Lee Morgan, I could hear things I had never heard. It was just one of those aha moments!” 


Behind The Counter US '21: Permanent Records, Los Angeles CA (Episode 7)

“Everybody wants to work in a record store, I think the answer to why is obvious, to be around music and records and the people who want to also be around them. I laugh numerous times a day working in a record store, the people I get to work with are hilarious and they make it easy to whistle while I work.” Lance Barresi


Behind The Counter US '21: Zia Records, Las Vegas NV (Episode 6)

This week we head to Las Vegas, where we go Behind The Counter with Liceth of Zia Records!

Behind The Counter US '21: Park Ave CDs, Orlando FL (Episode 5)

“It’s a place that people come to, they can relax, they can find something if they’re feeling great, they can find something if they’re feeling blue, it’s just a staple of what a good community should be.”  --Sandy Bitman

Behind The Counter US '21: Peaches Records, New Orleans LA (Episode 4)

“A record is a piece of art and it’s important to hear what the artist wanted you to hear.” --Lee Rea

Behind The Counter US '21: Music Millennium. Portland OR (Episode 3)

“Music Millennium has always been a community centre, if you go back in to the 50s and 60s, it was a place where, especially younger people, would gather. They could find out about new music, but they could also find out about all the cultural things that were going on at the time. Even political things were talked about in record stores.” Terry Currier

Behind The Counter US '21: Seasick Records, Birmingham AL (Episode 2)

‘I really like it in recordings when artists hide little things in their music.’

This week in #BehindTheCounter US, Dan from @Seasickbham in Birmingham, Alabama discusses discovering details on a record you didn’t know were there. Presented with Classic Album Sundays

Behind The Counter US '21: Down In The Valley, Minneapolis MN (Episode 1)

“Over the last 10 years with Record Store Day and records becoming more popular and more mainstream, you see a lot of younger people, more women shopping for records and it’s really cool!” - Steven Williams