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RSD DROPS 2020 > Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb (The Instrumentals)

Tyler, The Creator

Cherry Bomb (The Instrumentals)


Event: RSD DROPS 2020
Release Date: 8/29/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Legacy
Quantity: 4500
Release type: RSD Drops Aug 29th


RSD Exclusive Aug

Though it was released with almost no advance promotion, Tyler, The Creator’s 2015 album Cherry Bomb was anything but unplanned. The fourth album from the Odd Future co-founder remains one of his most ambitious, featuring everything from lush orchestras to hard-driving guitars across its. Now, for the first time on vinyl, the instrumental version of the album (first released as a digital edition in 2018) will be available for all fans to experience. Opaque pink vinyl version exclusively for Record Store Day 2020. 

LP 1 / Side A
1. “Deathcamp”, 2. “Buffalo”, 3. “Pilot”, 4. “Run”, 5. “Find Your Wings”
LP 1 / Side B
1. “Cherry Bomb”, 2. “Blow My Load”, 3. “2Seater / Hair Blows”
LP 2 / Side A
1. “The Brown Stains Of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) / Special”, 2. “Fucking Young / Perfect”, 3. “Smuckers”
LP 2 / Side B
1. “Keep Da O’s”, 2. “Okaga, CA”, 3. “Yellow”