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RSD DROPS 2020 > Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Sidewalk

Frankie and the Witch Fingers



Event: RSD DROPS 2020
Release Date: 10/24/2020
Format: LP
Label: Greenway Records
Quantity: 500
Release type: RSD Drops Oct 24th


RSD First - Oct

Out of print for years, Sidewalk was recently acquired by Greenway Records, the band’s own label and this RSD 2020 exclusive color vinyl edition is remastered from the original source tapes and is the first pressing on the new label.  

“Sidewalk”/”You Got It”/”Bad Vibes”/”Ferris Wheel”/”Doctor”/”Messed Up”/”Cops And Robbers”/”Cocaine Dream”/”Wanted My Love”/”Mermaids”/”Thinking About You”