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Screaming Trees

Strange Things Happening - The Ellensburg Demos 1986-88


Release Date: 4/20/2024
Format: LP
Label: Screaming Trees LLC/Vinyl Voice Edition
Quantity: 3500
Release type: 'RSD First' Release


Ellensburg, Washington is known for the worldís 3rd largest three-day rodeo, 90ís NFL legends Brian Habib and Drew Bledsoe and as the hometown of seminal Northwest band Screaming Trees. In the late 80ís, Ellensburg residents were often confronted with the strangely primitive sounds of the band emanating from their headquarters in the back room of the Conner familyís Main Street store, New World Video. Here was the scene of creation of songs from the bandís early Velvetone and SST albums. During this prolific time, much of the bandís music never made it beyond their own ears but was fortunately captured on Gary Lee Connerís 4 track cassette recorder. Those cassettes have survived, intact, down to this day and have now made their way to this recording. So now, transport yourself back to New World Video, in late 80ís Ellensburg, and hear the weird things happening.

Side A
Whatís Never Been
When It Comes Around
Next To Myself
Now Or Never
Side B
Baby Nicotine
Take Another Look
Bring Down The Sun
Weird Thing Happening