RECORD STORE DAY 2018 > Powell Peralta - The Search for Animal Chin Soundtrack

Powell Peralta

The Search for Animal Chin Soundtrack


Release Date: 4/21/2018
Label: Kanine Records
Quantity: 1600
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


First time ever that the soundtrack to this legendary skateboard movie has been put on vinyl. This special Record Store Day 2018 release is a double yellow vinyl gatefold LP, with an exclusive poster and a download of the movie, and the soundtrack. The center of the gatefold will include a collage of photos of the skaters from that time period and the record sleeve features original artwork from the movie.

Side A A1. Ripper Animation A2. Chin Theme A3. Weekend Today Skit A4. Chin Missing Theme A5. Chin Newscaster A6. Hardcore Skaters Mourned A7. Wallows A8. Waikiki A9. Deal A Meal Skit A10. Chopsticks A11. Maps To The Skaters Homes A12. China Town Session A13. SF Schoolyard A14. Golden Gate Park A15. Milk Carton Skit A16. SF Downhill Session
Side B. B1. Desert B2. Bakersfield Suburbs B3. Bakersfield Ramp B4. Bakersfield Ramp Session B5. Underhill Skit B6. Borst B7. Lance Skit B8. 711ís B9. Pink Motel Intro B10. Pink Motel Session B11. Pink Motel Room Skit B12. Nightmares
Side C. C1. Calesthenics C2. Cadillac Skit C3. Chin Ramp C4. Sleep Driving C5. Blue Tile Lounge Intro C6. J-Rad Raddy Daddy C7. J-Rad Skateboard Shuffle C8. Blue Tile Lounge Outtro C9. Desert Skating C10. Chin Monolith
Side D. D1. Skating To Chin Ramp D2. Chin Ramp Session #1 D3. Chin Ramp Session #2 D4. Chin Ramp Session #3 D5. Tunnel In The Ramp D6. Chin Ramp Slo-mo D7. Campfire Skit D8. Credits D9. TV Repairman Skit