RECORD STORE DAY 2018 > Tyson Meade - Robbing The Nuclear Family

Tyson Meade

Robbing The Nuclear Family


Release Date: 4/21/2018
Format: LP
Label: Jett Plastic Recordings
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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Tyson Meade, the enigmatic and legendary frontman of 90s stalwarts the CHAINSAW KITTENS and DEFENESTRATION is back, this time releasing his fourth solo album on Detroit's Jett Plastic Recordings, "Robbing The Nuclear Family". Cited as an influence of Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan and The Flaming Lips, Meade founded the Chainsaw Kittens in 1989, soon getting signed to Atlantic Records for their critically acclaimed album "Pop Heiress" (1994). Now, with the help of his friends in the Flaming Lips, Meade has recorded an album with all of the integrity of his earlier rock work with further touches of glam and electronica. Produced by Immy Immergluck of the Counting Crows, on pink vinyl, in a gatefold jacket with a download card included. 

SIDE A: P.S Nuclear Forest Dance Boogie /He's The Candy / Tentatively Ahmed / Confused 22 /Tiniest Of Guys (Troy's Theme)
SIDE B: Grandsons Of The Empire / Afternoon After Practice / Daphne Come Out / Motorcycle Boy #3 / Candy Canes And Moonbeams