RECORD STORE DAY 2018 > Arthur Lee and Love - Coming Through You

Arthur Lee and Love

Coming Through You


Release Date: 4/21/2018
Label: RockBeat Records
Quantity: 700
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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This set is a collection of rare live recordings, from a variety of venues, that originated between 1970 and 2004 and was produced by renowned archivist David Skye, with the blessing and participation of Diane Lee, Arthur Lee's widow. This is the first time a large collection of Arthur Lee & Love career spanning live recordings are being made available to the public. This vinyl package contains extensive liner notes and the cover artwork was designed by illustrator William Stout, internationally renowned as one of the first rock n roll bootleg cover artists. Stout also designed legitimate album covers for The Who, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, and The Smithereens and the original Rocky Rhino mascot.

Disc 1: August, mY lITTLE rED bOOK, Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Ever, Doggone, Good Times, La Caloca, That's the Way It Goes, She Comes In Colors, Signed DC, Orange Skies
Disc 2: 7 and 7 Is , Your Mind and We Belong Together, Alone Again Or, Maybe the People Would Be the Times Or Between Clark and Hilldale, The Red Telephone, Andmoreagain, The Daily Planet, Old Man
The Good Humor Man, He Sees Everything
Everybody's Gotta Live- Instant Karma