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Various Artists

Gary Crowley's Punk & New Wave


Release Date: 4/21/2018
Label: Demon Records
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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"Ever get the feeling you’ve been treated? Well how does a dynamite selection of 77 Punk and New Wave treasures grab you? These aren’t the usual classic anthems; this is a mix from the heart chosen by yours truly, Gary Crowley, and my broadcasting better half/ buddy Jim Lahat. That is what Punk has always meant to us. It was about innovation and moving forward. We loved the look, the attitude, the edge and the back to basics approach. We were the audience and the bands were mostly the same age as us. The energy and excitement feeding from stage to fans and back again was palpable….. This set is a testament to the vital role that Punk music, and all that it spawned, has played in each of our lives.”

Side A 1. Alternative TV - How Much Longer 2. The Carpettes - Small Wonder 3. Eater - Thinking of the USA 4. The Fall - It's The New Thing 5. TV 21 – Ambition 6. The Drones - Bone Idol 7. The Nips - All The Time In The World 8. The Circles - Opening Up Side B 1. Fast Cars - The Kids Just Wanna Dance 2. The Negatives - Love Is Not Real 3. Girls At Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast 4. The Doubt - Time Out
5. The Letters - Nobody Loves Me 6. Perfectors - YT502951D 7. Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier 8. Apocalypse - Teddy
Side C 1. The Skids -Charles 2. The Tights - Howard Hughes 3. The Form - Start Again 4. The Head - Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead 5. The Teenage Filmstars - I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape 6. The Plague - In Love 7. Disguise - Juvenile Delinquent Side D 1. Really 3rds - Everyday, Everyway 2. The Crack - Easy Street 3. Bleeding Hearts - This is the Way...OK? 4. Knife Edge - Say You Will5. The Tea Set - Parry Thomas 6. The Zips - Take Me Down 7. Generation X - Wild Dub