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Various Artists

Something Weird Greatest Hits


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2018
Release Date: 11/23/2018
Format: CD
Label: Modern Harmonic
Quantity: 1350
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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Something Weird Video was founded in 1990 by Mike Vraney in Seattle, Washington. He was inspired by his teenage job as a theater projectionist. His love for the obscure films that never made it to video prompted him to transfer hundreds of ancient reels of film to VHS and DVD. The company specializes in exploitation/sexploitation films of the '30s through the '70s. Iconic purveyors of the lost and the strange, Something Weird Video, have partnered with Modern Harmonic to bring you 2 CDs of the greatest songs and soundbites from their voluminous catalog of filth and general grindhouse fodder. Truly Something Weird indeed.

A1. The Hell Raisers – The Syd Dale Orchestra A2. Mamma A Go-Go – Perez Prado A3. The Bird Is The Word – Rocky Roberts and the Airedales A4. Hot Blooded Woman – Whit Boyd A5. Don’t Make Me Mad – Lee Dowell A6. The Wild Scene – The Penny Arcade A7. Put The Clock Back On The Wall – The E-Types A8. Is It On - Is It Off – The Bit’ A Sweet A9. The Right Kind – The Jaybirds A10. Beware Of The 4-D Witch – Joe Bisko / Attila Galamb A11. The Action Scene – Alan Hawkshaw A12. A Sweet Sickness – Raul and the Revelations A13. It’s A Revolution Mother – Mandarin Gate with Chris Martell A14. Soorangi – Jim HughesA15. Bummer – The Group A16. Musical Mutiny Trailer A17. Different Now – The Love Generation
B1. Swinging City (Mood Three) – John Barry and His Orchestra B2. Johnny’s Dive – Robert Farnon B3. Strip Blues – Bob Freedman and His Orchestra B4. Jane Bond Theme – Johnny Hawksworth B5. Mood One – John Barry and His Orchestra B6. A Taste Of Flesh Opening Credit Theme B7. Hot Blooded Woman Incidental Music – The Tony Harrison Trio B8. My Brother’s Wife Opening Credit Theme B9. Easy Macumba – Armando Sciascia B10. Hot Thrills Warm Chills Opening Credit Theme B11. Shanty Tramp – Betty Dickson B12. Yipes Stripes – The Huntington Astronauts B13. Speed Lovers – Billy Lee Riley B14. (Be A) Black Belt – Lee Dowell B15. The Ladybirds – At The Blue Bunny B16. I Want A Woman – Tony & et Cetra B17. Love Cool – John Gabriel B18. Love Goddess – Neil Patrick B19. The Female Of The Species – Meg Myles